Looking forward to The Banking Scene on May 14th 2019 – Plenty of reasons to join!

27 March 2019

The banking landscape is changing fast paced. It forces all of us to rethink fundamentally the way we serve and create value for our customers. Making the right decisions to remain relevant for your customers in the future, is a challenge and requires a mindset and approach adapted to the rapidly changing environment. Organizations can no longer afford to “get all sorted out” before “making the move”. Standing still is going backwards and involves risks, but so does innovating without the right framework and approach.

For the last 20 years – yes it’s our anniversary :) – it has been AE’s DNA to intelligently combine insights on the financial services sector and its challenges, knowledge on new technologies and a result-driven approach.

That’s exactly why AE will be one of the sponsors of The Banking Scene, an event on Belgian sole that has grown over the past years towards a major event for everyone who wants to stay abreast of the main challenges in banking.

Rather than testifying on stage how we help our clients, we offer participants of The Banking Scene 2019 the opportunity to experience at first-hand how to successfully innovate and return home with fresh insights and new ideas.   

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." Anton Chekhov

On top of the line-up of interesting speaker slots around ‘Banking for humanity’, AE Financial Services will host in collaboration with our innovation experts, two workshops :    

Workshop 1 - Brainstorm for platforms – The future that could destroy banks as we know them
10u45 – 12u15

Banks are too big to fail… is what we often hear. At the same time, technology is one of the most important drivers for profound - not to mention disruptive - business change. “Software is eating the world”, said Marc Andreessen almost 10 years ago.

Are you ready to critically evaluate your business and consider all options to stay ahead of the curve? In this hands-on workshop, we’ll look at the power of “platformication” and what it means for your business. We’ll brainstorm around the platform that avoids banks as we know them being wiped out … even more, puts them in pole position for the future.

Workshop 2 - Meeting your customer’s future needs – get inspired by new technologies
13u30 – 15u

At present, you are serving your clients using the insights you have today and the technologies you master today. But the times are changing: new technologies are emerging to help meet the future needs of your customers. Blockchain, VR, AR, AI, deep learning, … it’s difficult to get around the buzzword bingo nowadays. So how can you turn this to your advantage and use new technologies as a source of inspiration?

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll explore together with you how these new technologies can be an enabler to deliver tangible value for your clients, stay relevant and be future-proof.

For more information, consult the website of AE Financial Services or follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Leen van Wambeke

Written by Leen van Wambeke

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