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Digital business requires robust applications that meet the needs and expectations of your users or customers. Robust solutions are functional and user-friendly, but also secure, performant, available, and scalable. They can handle different types of data, devices, and platforms, and integrate seamlessly with other systems and services. They adapt to changing market conditions and customer feedback, and evolve with your business goals and strategies.


We help you design, develop and manage robust digital solutions that can give you a competitive edge in the digital world.

We create your digital solutions by right-sizing your strategy, building rock-solid applications and ensuring support after launch. Our teams work in sync with your team to get the job done.


Today's challenges concerning Applications

Moving from strategy to application

You want to translate your strategy into an actionable roadmap with concrete applications.

Developing future-proof applications

You need specific expertise to develop secure and future-proof applications.

Delivering qualitative applications quickly

You expect IT not to slow down business initiatives and have an efficient software delivery process.

Maintaining & evolving existing applications

You want to evolve and modernise existing applications.


Our Applications Solutions

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Think, Build & Run
your digital solution

We make sure you get a digital solution that meets your expectations, is secure, user-friendly, and is delivered within time and budget. We are there from concept to roll-out.

Streamline & secure
your software delivery process

We help you increase the quality, reliability and security of your software delivery process, making your organisation safer and more efficient.

Consultant working 2-1

Why AE?

Peace of mind

We deliver digital solutions that meet your expectations, are secure, user-friendly, future-proof and are delivered within time and budget.

Increased revenue & reduced costs

Qualitative applications result in an increase in revenue and/or a reduction of costs. The first is due to a better customer experience, while the latter is achieved through an efficient and secure software delivery process.

Our approach, your way

We have a clear methodology, but we are flexible in the way we work together. You can choose between team-as-a-service (your tech, your way of working), solution-as-a-service (our tech, our way of working) or hybrid teams.

A true end-to-end partner

Our organisation boasts a large range of skillsets. That makes us a true end-to-end partner, that can help you from concept to roll-out, and even with managed services afterwards.


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