Succeed in the digital world by upgrading your workforce and embracing change. At AE, we merge smart strategy with the latest tech and focus on what really matters - your people. Ready for today, resilient for tomorrow. Let's build the agile future of your organisation.

Digital Talent & Organisation

To thrive in a digital world, you need to look at more than just technology and business processes. More than ever acquiring digital talent, upskilling and reskilling your workforce, and improving organisational development are crucial to sustainable success.

Success lies in the harmonisation of (digital) strategy, technology, and people. Our unique ability to manage the people side of change ensures that your organisation not only succeeds today but also builds a resilient culture and structure capable of absorbing and embracing future changes.


Today’s challenges in
Digital Talent & Organisation

Upskill and reskill your workforce

You want to create a workforce adept in digital and adaptable skills. We design comprehensive programs to equip your workforce with essential digital skills, resilience, and agility, preparing them for continuous change.

Create a learning culture

You want to build a sustainable culture of learning and not just mandatory trainings. We help encourage a learning culture where employees are not only trained in digital essentials but are also supported in pursuing their personal learning interests.

Organisational adaptability

You struggle to adapt to change quickly and efficiently. We embed agile principles of adaptability and efficiency throughout teamwork, collaboration, processes, and performance metrics.

Make employees resilient to change

Your employees face constant change and need support to remain effective and resilient. We provide a supporting talent architecture that includes targeted assessments and development initiatives to unlock and nurture your people’s potential.


Our Digital Talent & Organisation Solutions

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Foster your human capital

We can help strengthen your organisation and make it resilient for change by advising you on organisational design, company culture, personalised development, collaboration, continuous learning and employee well-being.

Upskill & reskill
your digital talent

We can offer a wide range of services to upskill & reskill your digital talent, going from providing individual courses, to assisting you in selecting learning solutions or designing and applying learning journeys, or even establishing a complete learning organisation and ecosystem.

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Improve your organisation’s agility

By improving your organisation’s agility, you improve your chances to continuously reinvent or renew yourself as an organisation, adapt quickly and succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

Why AE?

We practice what we preach

We use our own vision, methodologies and tools to be an agile and adaptive organisation that cares for people. That personal experience helps us understand your challenges better than others.

More than technology

Since we position ourselves on the crossroads between technology, business, and people, we can offer expertise and support on multiple levels.

A true end-to-end partner

Our organisation boasts a large range of skillsets. That makes us a true end-to-end partner, that can assess or help realise your strategy, develop plans, or help you with a full roll-out. 


Our experts know what they are talking about. But even more important: they know how to translate that knowledge into valuable business cases for your company. We have the track record to prove it.


Ready to change your organisation?

Let's explore how we can assist with your Digital Talent & Organisation.