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IT is no longer just a support function but a core driver of digital initiatives. More than ever, IT departments enable businesses to innovate, automate, and digitize processes, enhancing efficiency, customer experience, and creating new business models. This expanded role requires IT professionals to develop not only technical expertise but also strategic, managerial, and interpersonal skills to effectively lead digital transformation efforts.

IT Delivery & Performance

As IT continues to evolve, its role in organizations will increasingly focus on driving strategic value, enabling innovation, and facilitating a culture of agility and continuous improvement.

We help you transform your IT department towards a high performing, value delivering partner for your business stakeholders.
We focus on just-enough architecture, a secure and efficient software delivery process, quality assurance, agility and on upskilling your digital talent to get the job done. 


Today's challenges in IT Delivery & Performance

Time to market

Implementing DevOps practices and automating the software delivery pipeline are critical for speeding up delivery and improving reliability. However, transitioning to these models and selecting the right tools can be challenging for organizations with established processes.

IT Architecture

Balancing the requirements of modern business against technical limitations and strategic goals can be complex.

Ensuring Quality

Balancing the need for rapid delivery while maintaining quality is challenging. Ensuring software is free from bugs and meets user needs without extensive delays requires robust testing and quality assurance processes.

Talent shortage and skills gap

The rapid pace of technological change means there is a constant need for up-to-date skills. Finding and retaining talent with the necessary technical skills is a significant challenge.


Our IT Delivery & Performance Solutions

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Re-architect your enterprise landscape 

Based on our “just enough architecture” approach, we design a target architecture that can serve as a blueprint for your digital transformation project.

Streamline & secure
your software delivery process

We help you increase the quality, reliability and security of your software delivery process, making your organisation safer and more efficient.

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Foster your
human capital  

We can help strengthen your organisation and make it resilient for change by advising you on organisational design, company culture, personalised development, collaboration, continuous learning and employee well-being.

Improve your organisation's agility

We help improve your agility, so you can capitalise on opportunities faster, have more control over a project, predict risks easier and become a more collaborative and resilient organisation.

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Why AE?

A true end-to-end partner

Our organisation boasts a wide range of skillsets. That makes us a true end-to-end partner that can assess or help realise your strategy, create frameworks or architectures, develop apps or help you with a full roll-out.

More than technology 

Sitting at the crossroads between technology, business and people enables us to consider more than just technology. Our expertise extends to supporting the organisational and human aspects of transitioning to a new enterprise landscape.


Our experts know what they are talking about. But even more important: they know how to translate that knowledge into valuable business cases for your company. We have the track record to prove it.

Always business first

It’s always business first. In our assessments and in our advice. We’ll always keep your business goals in mind when we look at your challenges. Because in the end, it’s all about the tangible results you can expect from your digital transformation.


Want to optimize your IT delivery?

Let's discuss how we can help your IT department deliver value for your business.