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Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) ensures secure and seamless digital user experiences, by centralising user data and authentication processes. CIAM can help you elevate customer engagement and build lasting digital relationships with customers.


CIAM is so much more than improving the quality of your login procedure. It encompasses security, data privacy, infrastructure, etc. And more importantly, it is a strong tool for digital and marketing teams to create value with customised user experiences.


Today’s challenges in CIAM

As a CxO

You want a clear overview of your Total Cost of Ownership and a positive ROI, while making life easier for your IT and customer service department.

As a Marketing Manager

You need to understand your customers’ preferences and customer journey to customise your services and offer an exceptional customer experience.

As a CIO or CTO

You expect ease of deployment and a seamless customer onboarding, on a scalable and extensible CIAM platform.

As a Security Officer

You want a solution that manages your security certifications, is GDPR compliant, has a state-of-the-art architecture, provides MFA, GFA and passwordless authentication and centralises governance of your access policies.


AE CIAM: our CIAM Solution



Over the last years, we have developed our own assets on top of existing CIAM platforms. AE CIAM is the perfect blend, powered by Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) and Okta. This allows us to deliver you a customised CIAM solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Customers in CIAM does not necessarily mean consumers. Your customer can just as well be an organisation where your CIAM solution is used to service their employees or customer. That’s why we finetuned our AE CIAM solution for both target groups.

Colleagues working together

Proven methodology,
proven technology

After an initial discovery phase, we will implement a minimal viable product (MVP) within 60 days. A promise we can keep thanks to the combination of our proven methodology and our own custom-made CIAM solution, that is built on top of proven technology of Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) and Okta.

Why AE?

An end-to-end solution

Doing CIAM right, is going beyond the implementation of a CIAM solution. Our multidisciplinary teams can do just that: support you from start to finish.

Integration in your IT landscape

A CIAM solution does not stand on its own: it must support your digital strategy and integrate seamlessly with other IT-solutions.

Post-implementation support

CIAM does not end after the implementation of the platform. We provide ongoing support to adapt your CIAM solution to evolving business needs and industry demands. 


Start your CIAM journey today!

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