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In this digital era, many companies are looking for ways to preserve or increase their market share. They want to better serve their customer base, increase loyalty, engage better by sharing data and insights. This is the time where new appealing business ideas emerge, products and services are made available through different channels and partner ecosystems and where competition is intense.

As a trusted leader in digital transformation and innovation, AE Studio helps its customers in the full lifecycle by defining the right strategy, building solid digital products and providing qualitative support and service with a long-term commitment.


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Think -
Because great
minds think alike

It all starts with understanding your business domain and the ambition that you want to pursue. In other words, let's challenge or even co-create your business case. We will apply several proven techniques to create an actionable roadmap. We will for example conduct user research, interview stakeholders and host workshops & ideation sessions.

At the end of this phase we will have defined; business KPI’s to target and measure our success, the visual identity (Atomic Design principles), mobile-first wireframes, an architecture roadmap,
a project governance model and a documented backlog ready for implementation. Good to know:
we are truly independent on the market, which means that we are able to select the best fit-for-purpose technologies that meet your requirements best.


Build -
Let's build loveable and suitable software solutions

Once you have a shared and validated understanding of the business goals, technological landscape and implementation roadmap, we start developing
a number of agile sprints towards a minimal viable product (MVP) - a minimal implementation of a
digital asset that meets your users' requirements
and has a lovable experience.

This digital asset can be anything. AE has experience in building apps (native, hybrid and web), platforms, portals,… any possible customer touchpoint where we need to be. Our agile team covers all disciplines needed during each sprint: project manager, product owner or business analyst, enterprise architect, UX engineer, developers, test automation engineer,...
We also coach and mentor your coworkers that are involved in the project to maximize knowledge sharing. 


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Run - Count on
our long-term commitment

After the Build phase and once the go-live has been celebrated, our job is not done. Striving for best-in-class performance of the digital product we developed, AE has a framework covering Managed Services with a dedicated team that monitors uptime of the systems and components.

We deliver Incident Management with guaranteed response and resolution times in various formulae. The end goal? Maximize your peace of mind so that you can focus on delivering value to your customers through digital. AE supports you in keeping up and informing you about new technical evolutions, required updates and patches, mitigate security risks and so on. During a quarterly Steerco review, we evaluate our partnership and report how SLA's are met.

The difference is in the sum

When stakes are high, people want a partner they can rely on… to cross-check, help or take over, with the ultimate aim to go faster and to reach more.

Partnering with AE gives access to a network of 300+ professionals with extensive experience, in-depth knowledge and a hands-on mentality.

We deliver a broad spectrum of competences, from architectural planning on enterprise level to qualitative program/project execution in specific business and IT domains. We use fast & flexible delivery models, relying on automated value chains and pre-built platforms.

Co-thinking and co-creating with your teams is at the center of our approach. We demonstrate a responsible attitude: we take your strategy to heart, deliver up to promises and make ourselves replaceable. Together, we turn your challenge into an opportunity.

In the past 20 years, we helped hundreds of organizations with their transformation journey.
Customer Quote
"Part of what makes AE so special is their unique culture of constantly striving to improve themselves. They’re a flexible partner who’s willing to move mountains to help us succeed.Gerhard Steinrücken, R&D Director SESVanderHave



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