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Vincent Guelinckx & Filip Delille- Webinar
Vincent Guelinckx & Filip Delille
The importance of an omnichannel 
experience in a post-COVID era

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David Vansteenkiste & Laurens Boeckx
David Vansteenkiste
& Laurens Boeckx
Software selection for a future-proof and scalable Information & Technology landscape (in Dutch)

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Jeroen Haegebaert, Nils Lamot, Niels Nuyttens & Thomas Petit
Jeroen Haegebaert, Nils Lamot, Niels Nuyttens & Thomas Petit
Enabling your development teams using cloud-native principles (in Dutch)

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On-Demand Webinars

The importance of an omnichannel customer experience in a post-covid era

Vincent Guelinckx & Filip Delille

Software Selection for a future-proof and scalable Information & Technology Landscape

Laurens Boeckx, David Van Steenkiste

Enabling your development teams using cloud-native principles

Niels Nuyttens, Jeroen Haegebaert, Thomas Petit & Nils Lamot

Ecosystem Thinking as a part of your strategy

Dirk Neefs & Toon Herremans

Prioritizing your initiatives with confidence

Toon Herremans & Benoit De Vrieze

Aim, assess & let your data boost business value

Yves Wouters, Jouri Goos & Ruben Monsieurs

Quality versus Speed: how to overcome the trade-off?

Joeri Wijns & Lisa-Marie Van Bel

Continuous Improvement at Fluxys: examples from the trenches

Lieven Christiaens & Jo Van Eyck

Why investing in talent development is the jet stream of successful organizations

Johan De Greve, Melissa Lievens & Tom Van Heddegem

Brussels Airport Company: a story about change and changeability

Korijn Defever & Darek Krzywania

Introduction to antifragile architecture: designing systems of the future

Barry O'Reilly

Lessons learned from an Agile QA Transformation

Kris Laes & Davy Kenis

Digital transformation: walking the tightrope between ambition and reality

Jan Somers, Vincent Guelinckx & An De Lafonteyne

3 take-aways from launching a new digital product during the covid-19 lockdown

Wim Vanemelen & Joris Hias

How to create the best login experience for your customers

Matthias Vanaverbeke & Cédric Boon

FIGMA, the best kept secret to enable enterprise UX

Kathleen Demol & Michael Vincken

Human AI as key enabler to enhance human abilities and empower people

Bram Vanschoenwinkel & Florian Vandecasteele

How an off-the-shelf identity solution accelerates your transformation journey

Jeroen Haegebaert & Yvo Vandoorn

2020, a year of disruption: a wrap up and our view towards the Next Normal 2020

Stijn Vander Plaetse, Luc De Bodt & Stef Devos

How to add fun and interaction to your virtual retrospectives & meetings

Darek Krzywania

Practical Data Visualization Best Practices: building better charts & dashboards

Koen Verbeeck

Complexer. Sneller. Beter. Hoe omgaan met dé uitdagingen in de logistieke wereld?

Wim Van Emelen & Bram Vanschoenwinkel

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