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Cloud today is an integral part of your solution to meet agility and innovation. Public cloud brings elasticity, resilience, on-demand self-provisioning and many more benefits. The true challenge however lies not in the technology itself but in applying it effectively. By adopting a cloud-native strategy we can transcend the traditional boundaries that are not only found on public cloud but also apply these to on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.

Cloud & Hybrid

Let’s embark on a joint journey to cloud-native where choosing the right strategy, implementing a governance framework, optimising your business and IT processes and reducing operational complexity all come together.


Today's challenges in Cloud & Hybrid

Retrofitting legacy apps to cloud-native platforms

Various aspects are involved in decomposing your applications.

Navigating cloud capabilities stalls improvement of operational processes

Lowering time to market and reducing mean time to recover depend on the optimal utilisation of these capabilities.

Seamlessly supporting business needs poses significant challenges

This might involve reshaping different aspects within the IT organisation's role to align the cloud-native paradigm.


Our Cloud & Hybrid Solutions

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Think, Build & Run
your digital solution

We make sure you get a digital solution that meets your expectations, is secure, user-friendly, and is delivered within time and budget. We are there from concept to roll-out.

Streamline & secure
your software delivery process

We help you increase the quality, reliability and security of your software delivery process, making your organisation safer and more efficient.

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Why AE?

A true end-to-end partner

Our organisation boasts a wide range of skillsets. That makes us a true end-to-end partner that can assess or help realise your strategy, create frameworks or architectures, develop apps or help you with a full roll-out.

Application specialists

If there is one thing that we are experts in, it's applications. From conceiving and building them, to delivering them as efficiently as possible, and optimally using them in a cloud-native environment. We've got you covered.


Our experts know what they are talking about. But even more important: they know how to translate that knowledge into valuable business cases for your company. We have the track record to prove it.

Always business first

It’s always business first. In our assessments and in our advice. We’ll always keep your business goals in mind when we look at your challenges. Because in the end, it’s all about the tangible results you can expect from your digital transformation.


Upgrade your cloud journey!

Let's discuss how we can leverage the opportunities of the cloud.