Hyper-automate your document flows

Let AI process your documents with efficiency and care 


Does this sound familiar?

The number of documents and paperwork in your company keeps increasing

You want to keep an overview and manage your document workflows more efficiently.

Processing documents still requires a lot of manual interventions

You want to save your employees from tedious and repetitive work and limit the number of human errors.

It’s difficult to gain relevant insights due to inefficient document flows

You want to optimise our document flows to gain efficiency and take more evidence-based decisions.

A framework to hyper-automate your document flows

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When it comes to business processes, 60% of occupations could save 30% of their time with automation. That means you could save a huge amount of time and resources by automating repetitive tasks and at the same time elevate job satisfaction by removing frustrations and inefficiencies. To realise just that, we developed a three-pillar framework. 

Vision & Foundation

Creation & Integration

Growth & Partnership

Vision & Foundation

Your journey towards hyper-automation begins here. We delve into the heart of your business, the workflows. We identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and opportunities to transform your flows and automate for maximum impact.

Creation & Integration

In this phase strategy becomes reality. In sync with your vision, we meticulously develop and refine a custom solution. We bring the minimum viable product from concept to creation and ensure that the transition feels like a natural evolution, not a revolution.

Growth & Partnership

In the run phase, we transcend the traditional client-service provider relationship. We become your strategic partner, vested in your long-term growth by maximising profitability through automation.

How we can help

To put our framework into practice, we have several hands-on methods and tools that help you take steps
in hyper-automating your document flows.


We map existing workflows and processes and talk to key stakeholders to unearth inefficiencies and opportunities. We identify possible solutions and help automate the flows with no or very limited changes to the original processes or workflows.


The kickstarter has different building blocks and two development sprints to lay the groundwork for a robust minimum viable product (MVP) or proof of concept (PoC). This allows you to see the impact, without investing enormous amounts of time and budget.


We design a roadmap that’s not just a path to success but a flexible guide that adapts and grows with your business. It's the strategic blueprint for the journey ahead, built on insights from the discovery session, MVP or PoC, and our expertise in hyper-automation.


Our cross-functional teams use agile development to fine-tune existing solutions or create new applications that operate flawlessly within your business environment.


We can ensure everything keeps running smoothly once implemented. We offer operational support and managed services during every step of your journey.

What’s in it for you?

Frameworks, plans, tools… they are nice to have, but in the end it’s the results that matter. So, what’s in it for you? What can your organisation expect?

Empowered employees

Liberate your team from monotonous, manual tasks and enable them to focus on engaging, strategic work that maximizes their skills and potential.

Increased retention

Elevate job satisfaction by providing tools that remove frustration and inefficiency, creating a more fulfilling workplace that nurtures talent and encourages retention.

Streamlined efficiency

Increase efficiency and productivity by making workflows smooth and efficient, freeing up time for creativity and innovation.

Data-driven decision making

Support your staff with the insights they need. Turn documents into clear and actionable assets, empowering every team member to make informed decisions that make an impact.

Seamless integration

Deliver a comfortable and seamless extension of your existing IT-environment, minimising resistance and fostering quick adoption.

What do our customers say?

You don’t have to take our word for it. Dive into the genuine stories of our clients, exploring the real-world hurdles they faced and the practical solutions we crafted together. 

Customer Case SDWorx

The implementation of our AI tool for document automation improved the service delivery and team performance of SDWorx.

Why AE? What makes us different?

Intelligent use of AI

We use an AI tool to automate your automation, but we use it wisely. We’ll let it handle boring and repetitive tasks and learn your workflows and processes step by step. The AI is not in command, you are. It will accelerate the automation process and make your life a lot easier.

Just enough change

We always work with what’s in place. It’s far easier to adopt technology to your workflow or process than the other way around. We don’t want to bother your employees by changing the way they are used to work. We look for solutions to automate current workflows and processes. We change just enough to be more efficient. 

More than just technology

We prefer to position ourselves on the crossroads between technology, business, and people. That gives us a broader view on automation and a better understanding of its impact. Not just on technology, but on your business processes, your organisational structure, and your employees.

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