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In today's dynamic business landscape, Data & AI are crucial assets to thrive in a digital world. We can help you gain a competitive edge, create real business value, lower costs and mitigate risks by enabling your data products.

Data & AI

We like to say we enable your data products. 
We can begin unlocking the value of your data by realising a data product from one or more business cases with a clear ROI. This approach provides us with insights into the maturity of your various data enablers so we can strengthen them together.
Or we can start with an assessment in which we do a heatmap exercise to estimate the maturity of your data enablers. From there, we draw a final destination, including a roadmap, to reinforce your data enablers together.


Today’s most important data enablers

Leadership & Culture

A data strategy requires commitment from management to rely on data-driven decision-making. You need to specify data ownership and create or foster a culture that encourages using and sharing data and takes data ownership. We can help you do just that.

Data Infrastructure and Technology

A robust, scalable and future-proof data platform for data collection, transformation, storage and analysis is a must-have. We can help you design and roll out your platform or provide advice on different solutions.

Operationalisation of ML and AI

Implementing machine learning (ML) models isn’t all that hard. Putting that model into production, monitor and use it, that’s the real challenge. With MLOps we can tackle that challenge for you.

Data Accessibility

Easy and uniform access to data, independent of technical skills, for both internal and external customers? Enter data product thinking. The success of a data journey depends on its reach. We can help you safely unlock your data so people can engage with it.

Data Governance

A data governance framework defines responsibilities and roles, data quality and security standards and a uniform way to use data. We can help set up a pragmatic and efficient framework.


Our Data & AI Solutions

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Unlock the value of
your data

Empower your business by extracting valuable insights, driving informed decisions, and propelling growth. Discover a new era of efficiency and innovation as you unlock the true value of your data.

Lift your data platform

Collecting, consolidating and organising your data is an important step in becoming a data-driven organisation. A future-proof, secure and user-friendly data platform is key in delivering valuable insights on the fly.

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Why AE?

Focus on ROI

Our unique approach delivers concrete ROI with a limited budget and within weeks, by starting with the business case that has the highest ROI potential.

More than technology

Since we position ourselves on the crossroads between technology, business, and people, we can offer expertise and support on multiple levels.

A true end-to-end partner

Our organisation boasts a large range of skillsets. That makes us a true end-to-end partner, that can assess or help realise your data strategy or platform, build a prototype, or do a complete technical roll-out. 


Our data experts know what they are talking about. But even more important: they know how to translate that knowledge into valuable business cases tailored to your company's needs. We have the track record to prove it.


Start your data journey today!

Let's discuss how we can help you with your data and AI.