Martijn Millecamp & Jan Moons

AI as an accelerator

Explore together with Martijn & Jan how AI can streamline processes, generate valuable insights, and enhance user experiences in software development. Discover their integration of AI into their workflow, inspiring you to elevate your work and improve your clients' results.

Dick Bevernage, Davy Kenis,
& Thomas Petit

DevOps Anno 2023

Dick, Davy & Thomas discuss how the concept of DevOps has evolved over the past few years as well as explore various models and principles related to DevOps.

Sophie Traen

Storybook: Design Systems for developers

How do you make sure your Design System is effectively being used in different teams? Sophie will walk you through it and shares tips along the way.

Koen Verbeeck

Fast Forward your Career by using the Community

Koen zooms in on how you can get involved in the Data Platform community and how this helps to build your personal brand.

David Van Steenkiste &
Laurens Boeckx

Software selection for a future-proof & scalable Information & Technology landscape

When deciding your future-proof and scalable information and technology environment, David and Laurens will walk you through the processes to follow.

Koen Verbeeck

Practical Data Visualization Best Practices

Data visualization is hot! We will cover an introduction to the key concepts of data visualization & visual perception.

Nico Verdonk

How not to lose your customers in 3 seconds due to performance issues

Are slow or unavailable systems costing you customers, time and money? ACCELLR helps you gain insights into how your application behaves under high load.

Bram Vanschoenwinkel

Human AI as key enabler to enhance human abilities and empower people

In this session, Bram will demonstrate how he automates monotonous duties associated with responding to customer service inquiries and processing complicated documents.

Kathleen Demol

Inclusion and diversity by design

As our living world becomes increasingly diverse, it is important that every user has a smooth experience on your app and/or platform. In this session, Kathleen introduces you to possible blind spots, their consequences & how to prevent them.

Koen Verbeeck

The modern Cloud Data Warehouse - Snowflake on Azure

With cloud infrastructure, we can skip the technical setup and begin loading data right away. We'll introduce you to this new technology and go through the key ideas to get you going.

Jo Van Eyck

Technical Team Coaching

We delve into the fascinating area of technical coaching for agile teams. We will examine the larger context of complex systems, discuss the definition of "technical coaching" and share useful advice, shortcuts, and techniques along the way.

Kathleen Demol

Figma, the best-kept secret to enable enterprise UX

As our living world becomes increasingly diverse, it is important that every user has a smooth experience on your app and/or platform. In this session, Kathleen introduces you to possible blind spots, their consequences & how to prevent them.

Jeroen Haegebaert &
Thomas Petit

Enabling your development teams using cloud-native principles

To fully benefit from the cloud-native promise, one must go beyond the tools and cover the required capabilities underneath. Jeroen & Thomas share their experiences.

Koen Verbeeck

Why Data Modeling is Still Important

In this session, we go over the basics of data modelling for business analysis. You will learn to apply a set of guidelines to make your models better, faster and more robust.

Darek Krzywania

How to add fun and interaction to your virtual retrospectives & meetings

Darek introduces various formats and tools, discusses the most typical problems, and shows you how to avoid them.

Dirk Neefs

New business models as drivers for digital transformation

We will look at the influence of digital transformation on your company model and utilize real-world examples to explain how this technology might benefit your company.

Thomas Petit


During this session we take you along on the journey where we not only inform and inspire you, but give you the tools to identify these challenges for yourself.

Kris Laes & Davy Kenis

Lessons learned from an Agile QA Transformation

How does an (agile) transformation impact your QA processes, people, and technologies? Kris & Davy share the different approaches, their biggest learnings and key delivery metrics to measure your own QA transformation.

Lisa-Marie Van Bel & Joeri Wijns

Quality versus Speed - How to overcome the trade-off

An ever-growing complexity and an ever-growing need for a quick time-to-market poses an important question: how to ensure quality? Lisa-Marie Van Bel & Joeri Wijns , explain how to overcome the trade-off between quality % speed.

Koen Verbeeck

Migration of SSIS projects to Azure

We will cover the alternatives you've got got in your migration project, and we will pass into element on how we are able to run SSIS applications in Azure Data Factory.

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