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Architecture is about aligning all aspects of an organisation with one another and with business objectives, to enable effective decision making and adaptation.

Business & IT Architecture

An adequate view on architecture starts from a profound understanding of your current situation and takes a stance on future evolutions. A great architecture embraces volatility rather than fearing it, and prepares you to better cope with change.

Envisioning, setting up and managing the architecture of an organisation requires skilled and experienced professionals in various domains.


Architecture throughout your organisation

Business Architecture

Your business architecture serves as the blueprint for organisational success, aligning your strategy with your operational frameworks. It enables you to streamline processes, optimise resources, and adapt to dynamic market conditions effectively.

IT Architecture

Your IT architecture forms the structural foundation of your digital ecosystem. It orchestrates the integration of hardware, software, and networks and ensures seamless functionality, scalability, and security of your IT environment.

Data Architecture

Your data architecture establishes the framework for managing and leveraging data assets efficiently. It encompasses the design, integration, and governance of data solutions, ensuring accuracy, accessibility, and security.

Application Architecture

Your application architecture defines the structure and interaction of software applications within your IT environment. It ensures optimal performance, scalability, and maintainability of all your digital solutions.

Security Architecture

Your security architecture defines the playing field for safeguarding digital assets and mitigating risks. It holds the design and implementation of robust security controls, policies, and protocols to defend against cyberthreats and fortify the resilience of systems.

Cloud Architecture

Your cloud architecture focuses on the design and deployment of scalable, resilient, and flexible cloud-based solutions. It optimises resource utilisation, enhances performance, and ensures data integrity across distributed environments.


Our Business & IT Architecture Solutions

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Re-architect your enterprise landscape

Based on our “just enough architecture” approach, we design a target architecture that can serve as a blueprint for your digital transformation project.


Make your business strategy actionable

Business & IT architecture are key in translating strategic objectives to an actionable plan with the right priorities.


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Unlock the value
of your data

Data architecture plays a key role in the successful realisation of your data use cases and unlocking
the value of this data.

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Why do we believe in
“just enough architecture”?

Architecture brings structure and insights. It enables decision making in view of business objectives.

Practicing architecture is about finding the right level of depth. Architecture should not concern the deepest level of detail, while going “deep enough” to provide suficient insights to make decisions with confidence. 

“Just enough architecture” refers to our approach where we install and maintain a solid architecture foundation, and then apply a flexible and agile methodology to elaborate these aspects with the highest ROI, aligned with your current strategic initiatives.

Why AE?

Expertise applied

Our architects know what they are talking about. But even more important: they know how to translate that knowledge in an architecture that fits your organisation and business goals.


We don’t do architecture for the sake of architecture. Our practical and pragmatic approach enables actual decision making and facilitates change on both short and long term.

Delivery & governance

Our AE experts can deliver architectural solutions as well as support the setup and maturity increase of your architecture team.


Ready to talk about architecture?

Let's discuss how we can help you with your Business & IT Architecture.