Shaping better times: The importance of psychological safety and inclusion.

By Adinda on 01 April 2021

The past year has been a tough learning curve. We have learned that we are all in the same COVID storm together, but not everyone is in the same boat. The adaptability of organizations and the great efforts of employees soon resulted in new working methods that saw working from home as the mandatory norm. However, no one-size-fits all approach was available to make this actually work. Even now that the curve is going up again and restrictions are tightening once more, we are already thinking together about how we are going to shape better times ahead. The two principles of psychological freedom and inclusion will definitely get us off to a good start. And yes, some generous doses of creativity and technology can also give us an extra boost. 

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Make your code screen reader friendly

By Ayla Cremmery on 29 March 2021

In a previous blog post we talked about the importance of accessibility in your application. In this post we will zoom in on screen readers. A screen reader is a program that helps people with a visual impairment to interact with your website or application by reading aloud what is displayed on the screen. To enable this, the front-end code must provide structure and recognizable elements. Actually, the web is accessible by default and screen readers can manage perfectly, it is just our job to not screw it up. So here are some tips and tricks to make sure you don’t.

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Discriminating AI: Be Conscious about the Unconscious Bias

By Bram Vanschoenwinkel on 24 March 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) used in the right way offer companies new and unprecedented opportunities to tap into. For the man and woman in the street it brings many new and exciting advances in their everyday lives. However, they also have a dark side. When we design algorithms and train models based on data of a privileged minority group, ML model outcomes (like predictions, recommendations, classifications,...) have the ability to discriminate and exclude large parts of the population in a way that is not acceptable. Fact is that we don’t always realize this, and thus need to be very careful and build in checks to avoid these circumstances.

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Accessibility? Why should I care?

By Ayla Cremmery on 15 March 2021

User experience is hot. Most companies do not have to be convinced anymore about the importance of user experience. But if you talk about users, which users are you talking about?

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