Front End Engineering wrap-up

06 August 2015

Summer is great for catching up on some reading backlog. Missed a blog post? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you out. These past months our front end engineering community has been very active in implementing web technologies across our customer base. Want to get started with the latest web technologies in your project?

Getting Started

Start with Sophie Traen’s series on client side architecture.

You’ll immediately see the value of choosing a client-based approach for your applications and experience first-hand how helpful web technologies are in enhancing the customer experience.

The-Difference-Between-Lego-Playmobil-1 - Bit Rebels

Client Side Architecture Part One
Users expect a rich interaction and a fast, dynamic user interface. Providing this kind of interaction can be crucial to your business. Client side architecture helps you provide a great customer experience.


Still going native? You’ll be surprised to know how many native apps are using web technologies to get a fast time to market or to support multiple platforms in the most efficient way. Michaël Mertens talks about it in Ionic. A hybrid mobile app framework.

Hybrid appsIonic. A hybrid Mobile App Framework
Compared to native apps which are built using a platform specific SDK, hybrid apps are developed using the Holy Trinity of web standards.


Do you feel a connection?

Okay, so the web is ready. “That’s great, but you’ll always need to be connected to do something useful.” Not necessarily. Thomas Anciaux’s latest insights in offline use for web-apps show how far web technologies have come.

unpluggedOffline First: As simple as unplug and play?
HTML5 introduces s the ability to make a website available offline. Adding it bridges the gap between the native and web world.


It’s all going a bit too fast?

Still think the front end world is rather volatile and changing too fast? Catch-up with Glenn Dejaeger in Five Questions on how going web first helps your company successfully integrate a bi-modal approach.


Five Questions on Front-End Engineering
Businesses are exposed to a lot of new web technologies, rich user interfaces and services though it’s not always easy to see how it can impact and really help your business activities.


Don’t forget to ask your AE Front End Engineering poster here.
It’s a great tool to give your front end project a head-start!


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