But do you love it?

19 February 2015

“How do you feel about that?” It’s a question associated more with clients staring at their psychotherapist’s office ceiling than with enterprise platforms, mobile applications and their customers. Not surprisingly so; applications are often seen as embodiments of reason and logic. Their performance has objective targets and their functionalities have thoroughly analysed and well-documented requirements.

Platforms and people

Those platforms, systems and devices however have an ever-increasing impact on the lives of people everywhere. They change, even shape the way people think and feel about the world around them. It’s there; in that point of contact that something often feels a bit off. A bit wanting. Customers don’t really enjoy a perfect functional system. They expect it.

love it

Delightfully designed

Is it possible though? To capture something as intangible as a feeling and design an authentic experience? We think it is. Your ideas, your business provides an entire world, a whole ecosystem of people, processes and tools that can enable such an experience. Experiences that can elicit trust, joy and delight. Key is to not only focus on the destination but also show genuine interest in the journey, the traveler and people he or she might meet along the way. Really get to know your companions by talking and walking with them. If you listen, they’ll tell you about the moments that really matter. Don’t be surprised if those turn out to be quite different than the ones you’ve thought of. Map them out and look for ways to create real value together.

Together? Yes, together. Today’s consumer is informed. He has access to a wealth of information and is constantly seduced. He’ll challenge your ideas and can switch gears at any time. You might feel lost or threatened because of that, but you really don’t need to. Empowerment doesn’t make a customer fickle or unpredictable . It makes them a tremendously valuable partner. Not just for himself and you but also for others. Who knows? You might even discover new opportunities to connect in the process. Customer engagement is not a one-way street and what’s an experience for anyway if not to be shared?

It's all about the experience

Having a perfect product is not enough. It's the amazing experience that delights people, makes them feel connected and creates brand ambassadors more powerful than any marketing campaign you can imagine. If you want to reconnect with your customers; join us at our next AE Foyer. Tom and Kenny will help you get a head-start with the strategy, tools and methods you need to create that experience. You’ll love it.

Roman Verraest

Written by Roman Verraest

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