5G/IoT: Discover the possibilities

30 April 2018

AE and Ericsson engage in a partnership to bring the 5G capabilities to their customers.

5G is the next evolution of mobile connectivity. We started out with 2G, which allowed people to have massive mobile communication. With its successor 3G, we saw the introduction of mobile broadband and feature phones. With 4G these became smartphones and we saw mobile data traffic increase. And finally, in the next step with 5G, both consumers and industry will be served with solutions ranging from massive low-cost, low-energy applications, to high end, ultra-reliable applications.

5G will allow for low latency and high bandwidth applications -  making it ideal for mission critical applications.

There is a higher throughput, EDGE capabilities and with IoT we can connect thousands of devices and sensors. With an increase of 20db we can even reach sensors in basements.

IoT will turn the physical world into its digital twin, and this is becoming the main infrastructure for many businesses. Not only high-end technology companies or multinationals, but any business, any industry will be able to deploy sensors, or consume information from existing infrastructure to make its business better. Some examples, but many more can be found …

  • In healthcare, we could get ambulance drones. 
  • In the utilities industry we can optimize energy management with smart meters to reduce energy consumption. 
  • In the manufacturing environment where we can think of identifying and tracking goods in an end-to-end value chain and optimizing utilization in that way. 
  • In quality inspection or video applications or public safety, where we can get high-resolution images and haptic feedback. 
  • In the entertainment industry or any customer facing domain, we could offer mobile 4K-video feed to VR/AR glasses to increase the experience our customers have.


In a global survey done by Ericsson in large companies, to over 100 C-level participants, we noted that on average 78% of respondents want to deliver new services to their customers using 5G. And 74% will invest in 5G to create extra value for their customers.
70% of large companies aim to have use cases in production by 2021. The 5G-enabled business is estimated to be 1.3 trillion dollars by 2026, again according to research done by Ericsson.

But an idea needs to be brought to practice! How do you use this new technology to improve your business? For this, AE is engaging with Ericsson and PXL to bring this new technology to their customers. We offer you the possibility to do this with proven methodology in a lab environment supported by the technology experts. 

With AE and Ericsson, you have to opportunity to start the journey ahead. We are now introducing the lab to you in an exclusive breakfast session, where we tackle the possibilities of these new technologies together. Register now: https://www.ae.be/5g-breakfastsession




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