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19 May 2020

What’s one of the most positive things to come out of the COVID-19 lockdown we’ve all found ourselves in across the world? For organizations, it’s how their teams have been organizing themselves to keep their performance level up while not working physically together day after day. Many teams have even managed to increase their efficiency whilst facing whole new challenges, such as helping their kids do schoolwork or simply keeping them busy and entertained.

At AE, we have over 20 years of experience with flexible work and managing distributed teams. Like many other companies we want to contribute to society by sharing our experience, processes and tools. In mid-March, the day after the Lockdown started here in Belgium, we initiated an innovative project with a heavy focus on market validation to find out what challenges we could solve by sharing our experience with you. 

We interviewed over 20 managers and team members at various companies (business lines, company size, …) and uncovered a lot of challenges involving remote work. We learned a lot and transformed the knowledge gained into a powerful but simple tool to help overcome both the new and existing challenges remote work brings. 

That tool is Awaere and here’s what it can help you with: 

Awaere supports successful remote teams.  
Not by being just another planning tool,  
but your guide towards better results with a human touch.

Based on what we’ve learned, we made a roadmap and just last week launched the first version of Awaere. With this MVP we’re already tackling the top 3 challenges we identified: 

  1. Connecting and disconnecting when working from home 
  2. The hurdle to open a conversation on employee wellbeing
  3. Keep an overview on whats going on without being overly controlling


Awaere Planning

Awaere favourite features

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 Were eager to hear from you and will build and prioritize our roadmap based on your feedback. Let’s make remote work better together! 

We also interviewed AE Consultants Wim Van Emelen and Joris Hias to learn more about the story behind this innovative platform. Discover it in our latest blogpost. 

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Wim Van Emelen

Written by Wim Van Emelen

Wim is known for providing structure, simplifying complexity, providing clear communication, motivating and inspiring teams and above all reaching results. He loves helping customers and teams to reach goals in a structured and agile way, always keeping the end goal in mind.

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