Flexible or hybrid working: here to stay and posing new challenges for organizations

By Stijn Vander Plaetse on 15 September 2020

In March society was brutally forced to go into a state of constrained homeworking due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Homeworking became the norm in a matter of days. While we will return to a next normal in the future, remote working will stay and evolve towards flexible working. Flexible or hybrid working is defined with 2 major parameters : time and location independent working.

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How to use DevOps as a clever lever for release management

By Jeroen Haegebaert on 23 January 2020

To stay relevant in a digitizing world, organizations must master continuous improvement. Because many – if not all – of the necessary changes for this kind of optimization are driven by software, businesses face a never-ending challenge of improving their software platforms faster and making them more flexible each day. Evidently, though, evolving from semi-annual or monthly releases to virtually continuous roll-out is no easy feat. Using DevOps as a lever for release management is a clever and increasingly common strategy to make organizations more agile. Unfortunately, a prescriptive set of steps to implement DevOps principles and practices for this purpose does not exist. But don’t fret just yet! AE has got you covered with a structured, scientific framework from the DORAresearch program.

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How to enable digital transformation by using the cloud - Part 1

By Jeroen Haegebaert on 22 January 2020

Are you considering migrating to the cloud yet? If so, do you have a clear strategy? Do you know why exactly you are moving to the cloud? (We hope it’s not just because we (or your CEO) said so!) Organizations who like to keep the broader picture in mind, soon realize that there’s a lot of competitive advantage to be gained by moving to the cloud – especially now that so many of their competitors are fully committing themselves to digital transformation. But how exactly can the cloud serve as an enabler for the digital transformation of your company? How do technologies and buzzwords such as Ubiquitous Computing, Big Data, the IoT and Machine Learning relate to cloud technology?

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How to transform your supply chain into a strategic asset

By Laurens Boeckx on 26 November 2019

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and digital disruption is to blame – or should we say thank? Indeed, companies eager to come out on top in their increasingly competitive industries are embracing the opportunities of digital supply chain transformation with open arms. So, what about you? Are you ready to transform your supply chain to maximize your company’s competitive advantage? Let’s do this!

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Going Digital: no mere gimmick, but a whole new way of doing business

By Jouri Goos on 11 October 2019

Can you imagine a life without smartphones, without apps to help you navigate, play your favorite music or, say, buy insurance for your rental car right before you board a plane? It’s strange how we got used to this new way of living so quickly, because we grew up without any of the digital technologies that define it. Eager to follow suit, organizations are enthusiastically working to make their digital aspirations a reality.

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