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Put your customs declarations on the fast track

We know that preparing customs declarations today means juggling
many challenges. And we’re here to help you solve them. Recognize any of these?

  • Growing complexity with no room for error. Customs agents typically
    process lots of unstructured files, scans and documents of all types.
    Regulations are strict, leaving little room for error.

  • Growing volumes & high pressure. You’re always seeing higher market
    demand than your team is able to deliver. Delays are a costly part of
    your routine.

  • Difficulties in keeping and/or finding the right talent. Finding experienced
    customs agents and/or keeping your colleagues motivated, is a serious
    challenge due to the sheer volume of work and the many deadlines.

With Customaite, you'll add a powerful AI assistant to your team to drastically
speed up the process, reduce human error and create happier customs agents.

You never were this fast.

Trusted by

Ingeborg Nelen pic

“Customaite greatly reduces repetitive work for our employees and prepares the declaration for them.
That way,
they can focus on their expertise and thus get things done more rapidly."
Ingeborg Nelen 
Managing Director @ NDN


Wim Gijbels
“Customaite will allow us to further optimize our customs processes so we can continue to support the high speed
growth of our company.”
Wim Gijbels 
Business Unit Manager @ H.Essers



Customaite Whitepaper






Automating customs declaration processes:
trends, challenges and how to overcome them

In this report, we explore:

  • The challenges that arise when attempting to automate customs declaration processes

  • How AI and humans can work together to maximize efficiency

  • How the AI can be a personal assistant to the declarant throughout the entire declaration process

Faster, more precise & paperless

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Paperless by default         

We digitise your workflow from A to
Z, effectively reducing the need for a
paper trail to zero. No more wasted
paper documents.

This has a significant impact on your
CO2-emissions and goes a long way
towards attaining sustainable



We help you organize

Customs operations entail large
and diverse sets of documents including scans, pdf’s, excel-files, images,...

We’ll help you organize different
document types and locate the
relevant information to reduce errors.

Copying information from documents is without errors.

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The result: you're twice as fast

When customs agents are spending a significant amount of time on manual & repetitive tasks, and searching & inputting information, little time is left for compliance or optimalization.

Customaite does the heavy lifting for you, and customs agents can focus on their core tasks.


This is how it works.

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Step 1
Simply forward your documents to create a dossier

Managing dossiers from your inbox is a thing of the past. Simply forward documents directly to your virtual Customaite assistant via email or API.

The message and its attachments will be analyzed by our artificial intelligence, saving you precious time.

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Step 2
We pre-process your customs declarations

After uploading, we will analyze all documents and divide them into the correct types.

Bills of ladings, invoices, arrival notices and more are processed into clear and editable information.


Step 3
A fully automated proposal is drafted for sign-off

Customaite will draft a declaration proposal based on the uploaded documents. Additionally, it will take into account your historical data and other known sources (Tarbel, Vies, Vessels....) to complete the proposal. The customs agent remains in control of the dossiers at all times. When everything is green, you’re good to go.


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Integration partners Customaite


We integrate with partners like

Our software seamlessly integrates with software vendors like:

Stream Software has been striving for efficiency gains for all users since its inception. This is precisely why Stream Software started a partnership with Customaite. Their knowledge about AI technology and the reading of unstructured data is hugely complementary to our core values.

Sam Jespers 
Chief Commercial Officer Stream Software

Get in touch to discuss integrations as a partner

Our smart features 

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Magic Marker

It's truly magic: you can draw a box around text or numbers in documents, and we will process it. 

The Magic Marker even works on handwritten notes!

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AI autocomplete

We use historical data, address books, geographic information and look for patterns in order to speed up your workflow.

At all times, you are still in full control.

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Seamless integration

When a dossier is finished, Customaite allows for easy publishing of the proposal to your connected declaration software.

Fast & simple.


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Smart (bulk) Edit

We know that customs documents aren't always perfect. That's why our Smart Edit allows for advanced calculations, such as distributing weight, gross to net conversions or find & replace values.

Apply the changes in bulk, over multiple invoices or goods.


Built by a team of experts

Customaite's team is fueled by ambition. With years of expertise, we are ready to take on the logistics industry.

Our team is proudly enabled by AE, an independent IT-provider of 350+ experts.






You only pay what you use 💰

Every company is unique, so our pricing model is adapted to your company needs. Our pricing consists of a one-time implementation fee, and a volume-based usage fee.


Custom implementation 🧑‍💻

We integrate with your declaration software. Technical integrations are offered via api or file exchange. Also, we commit to helping you train your staff.

The approach is always tailored to your specific needs and the implementation investment is clearly documented, without hidden costs.


Prepaid buckets 📦

When you’re up and running, pricing is usage based. Prepaid buckets in various sizes are offered and no license fees are charged. All costs are included in a straightforward model.



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Adore4customs becomes Customaite

With this rebranding, we want to strengthen our global ambitions as well as confirm our unique position in the world of AI-based, cutting-edge logistics technology.


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Overview of the docs


Vlaio highlights our innovative use of AI

In their article, Vlaio highlights our relationship with long-time partner NDN to automate customs documents flows and harness the power of AI.


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Seeing is believing

Want to see how Customaite works with your
documents and how it fits in your company?

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Matej Planinic
Business Development Manager at Customaite

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