Put your customers in charge of their users


Customer identity and access management made simple with Idence

Empower your business partner with delegated user administration in its simplest form, fully integrated within your enterprise.


Tackle your access management challenges

Idence - High Lead Times

High lead times

Growing your digital platform and number of customers introduces complexity in your customer identity and access management. Without a business-friendly and easy-to-use solution lead times to manage your customers will increase.

Idence - Manual Workload

Manual workload increase

You have multiple customers using your platform and more customers are expected to join in the future. Without a proper delegation solution, your manual workload keeps increasing, having to manage your customers and their users.

Idence - Security Trade-off

Security trade-off

Increasing complexity in your digital platform offering introduces security risks due to suboptimal user management flows.

Background CIAM Solution

IDENCE simplifies your (C)IAM solution

Due to its plug & play setup and add-on integration possibilities with multiple CIAM platforms, IDENCE is up and running in no time. 

Business friendly portal

IDENCE gives you a clear overview of your roles and customers, and allows them to do the same for their users. With a few clicks you and your customers can create, edit or delete a customer or user and assign or edit roles. Technical knowledge is no longer needed to do user management.

Idence menu overview

CIAM with user management delegation

A business-friendly, simple and flexible Customer Identity and Access Management solution to manage, delegate user, role and customer administration. Customers can easily manage their users themselves without any activity from your part.

User overview menu

Integrated in your enterprise

IDENCE becomes a part of your enterprise by integrating with Identity Providers, Customer Relationship Management systems and others.

Idence customer user roles

The best possible value

Customer Identity and Access Management is different in every business context. Therefore, we would like to get to know your business context and your challenges to see how IDENCE can fit into your enterprise, help your business and add the best possible value.


IDENCE features:
  • Business friendly portal
  • Integration with your identity provider
  • Customer & user identity configuration
  • Delegated access management
  • Role-based & attribute-based access management
  • API enabled
  • Onboarding management
  • Self-service user management
  • Business role management
  • Manage federated users (from customer / partner)
  • Integration with IT landscape (CRM, ERP, ...)
  • Approval workflows
  • Generic attribute configuration
  • Notification emails

Ready to put your customers  in charge of their users?