What sets us apart - our AE Studio Products


When building portals, platforms and digital assets for complex businesses, you typically run into a number of common challenges, for example:

  • How can I automate administrative tasks for the users on my platform?
  • How can I avoid human errors? 
  • How do I allow a secure and user-friendly onboarding of the users of my customers?
  • How can I unburden our Service Desk?
  • Can my platform cope with (unexpected) heavy peak usage? Will it suffer downtime or lack in performance?

For all of the above mentioned topics, AE is not reinventing the wheel in every new project. Instead, AE Studio has developed a number of re-usable assets that solve each of these challenges. These assets allow you to move faster as custom development is restricted to functionalities linked to your specific business area.


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Michiel Van Damme

Business Development Manager

In the past 20 years, we helped hundreds of organizations with their transformation journey.