AE launches AI Software ‘ADORE’

By Frederik Hautain on 13-Nov-2020 10:01:00

ADORE is a newly built automated software package that uses Artificial Intelligence to help organizations reduce errors, gain time, improve the quality of its services and increase customer satisfaction.

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AE welcomes Edwin Madou as Business Development Director

By Frederik Hautain on 13-Nov-2020 09:02:48

AE is pleased to announce the hiring of Edwin Madou as our new Business Development Director.

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The time for SME’s to invest in their digital future is now

By ae.admin on 24-Aug-2020 13:14:23

Many Belgian SMEs have shown remarkable resilience in their response to the coronavirus crisis. Most of them are reinventing their own future and making plans
for their next steps. Now is the time to continue this trend and focus strongly on further digitization.

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AE has entered into a partnership with Barry O'Reilly

By Geert Van Delft on 18-Aug-2020 13:28:00

AE is pleased to announce our partnership with Barry O’Reilly (Black Tulip). 

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d-sides and Seth & Dunn fully integrated into core AE brand

By Frederik Hautain on 17-Aug-2020 08:35:22

As of today, d-sides and Seth & Dunn, two brands that were part of the AE umbrella, are continuing all activities as part of the core AE brand.  

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Technovate 2020: students make Red Cross-Flanders future proof

By Lara Borms on 17-Mar-2020 16:41:11

In keeping with years of tradition, March 12 saw us organize the Technovate finals! As always, a number of students had been challenged to come up with an innovative idea and transform it into a demo product. This year’s Technovate was devoted to helping out Red Cross Flanders.

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Stijn Vander Plaetse new AE CEO

By Frederik Hautain on 14-Jan-2020 08:25:56

Stijn Vander Plaetse is the new CEO of AE. Vander Plaetse joins AE after 6 years as VP Business Sales & Segment Marketing at Telenet Business. Together with his teams, Vander Plaetse realized a strong growth for the business telco in a very competitive market, a feat for which he recently was awarded the inaugural Trends Sales & Marketing Award.

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AE celebrates its 20th anniversary at Scrum Rock 2019

By Lara Borms on 25-Jun-2019 09:33:53

What better excuse for a party than celebrating twenty years of AE? Our thoughts exactly. In honor of our porcelain anniversary, we organized a special edition of the festival we host at the AE headquarters every two years. What’s more, we made sure to party extra hardy this year, because next to twenty years of co-creating with our customers (and each other), we also celebrated our CEO Bruno Denys’ 60th birthday.

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AE is a Great Place to Work for the ninth time in a row

By Laura van Duijvenbode on 20-Mar-2019 11:10:55

Since 2011, the people of AE can proudly say they work at a Great Place to Work. On March 19, 2019, this was confirmed once again at the Docks Dome in Brussels: AE became 2nd best workplace and can call itself a Great Place to Work for the ninth time in a row.

“Great to achieve such a fantastic result again,” says our HR Director Luc De Bodt. “However, we see this as the cherry on top. We use the Great Place to Work survey as a tool. In this way we can keep our sights on the future, with a heavy focus on improvement.

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AE and the Flemish Sign Language Center join forces for a new explanatory dictionary

By Laura van Duijvenbode on 15-Jan-2019 17:47:21

The Flemish Sign Language Center found a partner in AE to revamp the existing translation dictionary of the Flemish Sign Language. The current translation dictionary website that translates Flemish Sign Language to Dutch and vice versa, is outdated.

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Valerie Taerwe Named Young ICT Lady 2017

By Frederik Hautain on 10-Mar-2017 15:39:04

Yesterday, March 9, our very own Valerie Taerwe was honored to be named Young ICT Lady of the Year 2017 by Data News.

Beaming with enthusiasm after receiving the award during the award ceremony in Brussels, Valerie spoke to us about what the title means to her, the work to be done for women in ICT and what her future plans are.

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Valerie Taerwe Nominated for Young ICT Lady 2017

By Frederik Hautain on 23-Jan-2017 13:59:00

Data News has announced the nominees for its sixth Young ICT Lady of the Year award as part of its annual She Goes ICT campaign. Great news: Senior Consultant and Solution Architect of our Accelerator Solution Valerie Taerwe is among the Top 10. Congrats, Valerie!

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