d-sides and Seth & Dunn fully integrated into core AE brand

17-Aug-2020 08:35:22

As of today, d-sides and Seth & Dunn, two brands that were part of the AE umbrella, are continuing all activities as part of the core AE brand.  


We believe that we’re standing stronger together in this challenging world, a world in which it is key to get complex data streams to work in your favor and where innovation is a must to stay ahead.  

Both teams will continue their activities in full as part of AE, working together with our other experts to think out of the box and build solutions that help you advance, run smoother and do better business. Always with the future in mind. 


Analytics & Data Science lead Bram Vanschoenwinkel affirms, For companies it is absolutely essential to process, integrate and convert data into the right insights at the right time. Together with the other strong data minds at AE, we will continue to define new products and services that capitalize on current and future customer needs. 


A structured approach to innovation is what the innovation experts behind the former Seth & Dunn brand will continue to bring to the table, says Valerie Taerwe, innovation expert at AE. “The playtime for innovation is over. By bundling the power of our transformation and innovation offering, we clearly link innovation and the company’s strategic business goals. Next to that, we bring a structured approach to the table that guarantees sustainable results for various types of innovation projects. 


Both teams are looking forward to helping you tackle your challenges and turning them into opportunities. Take a look at our Analytics and Transformation & Innovation services for more information. 

Frederik Hautain

Written by Frederik Hautain

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