Do you want your business to be on top of today's market challenges? If so, agility is the keyword. End-users have
ever-higher expectations, forcing businesses to keep calling themselves and their products into question and
continuously improve their services and products. Today's organizations are expected to substantially reduce their
time to market without compromising on quality. This is the only way to maintain a strong competitive edge.
The increasing complexity of IT ecosystems and mutual integrations have also not made things any easier.

How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd these days? A consistent commitment to quality is key.
The classic method of software development and testing is no longer fit for purpose. At AE, we transform your
current IT processes from bottleneck into a crucial driver by making short shrift of the traditional trade-off
between speed and quality.


Expansion of the QA commitment zone

Choosing Quality Assurance means focusing on speed and quality.  When you make quality the focus right from the start of the software development life cycle, the right checks are built in at the right moment.


This way, defects are always spotted in time, and your business value is challenged again and again, throughout the IT project. You are always on your toes!


Earlier commitment
to test automation

With Quality Assurance, you're automatically testing at the right level, allowing you to maintain the speed and quality of your software deliveries. The following also applies to automated testing: the earlier in the software process, the better.

Build up a strong foundation on the basis of a test-driven development approach with the right level of automation. This way, you create right from the start the necessary short feedback loops and deliver quality software at lightning speed!


T-shaped experts
with a QA mindset

Everybody in the project can make an active contribution to Quality Assurance. When QA is no longer just another component of your software delivery, you substantially reduce your time to market.


QA is not a role fulfilled by one person at the end of the ride, but an attitude that our T-shaped consultants inject into all their projects!

AE Quality Assurance

AE supports its customers in their transition to more efficient and high-quality software deliveries. Our approach helps organizations in expanding their QA commitment zone and lays the foundation for a true
culture of quality.

We strongly believe in T-shaped profiles and a software development process in which testing plays a crucial role right from the start. In this way, we help customers get more than just one step ahead. 

We not only provide short-term optimization, but also unravel the causes of obstacles. In this way, we ensure that businesses stay able to offer quality software in the long term.

Quality Assurance as enabler

In the past ten years, the image of Quality Assurance has improved considerably, and yet, we still see almost no change in the success rate of IT projects. The cause? There still is too strong a focus on manual test execution. End-users do not have the required testing skills and are usually forced to carry out the tests in addition to their operational duties. Only when the right investment in Quality Assurance is made, will your results improve and accelerate.