Mediahuis logs in at AE for new CIAM platform

By AE on 11 May 2022

Mediahuis engages AE to manage the implementation of a new Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform. The choice of platform was the Auth0 Identity Platform. The program fits with Mediahuis' ambitious steps in terms of digital transformation. Internationally, more than 30 brands within the Mediahuis group will use the new platform.

As an Auth0 implementation partner, AE guides the strategic preparation process and realizes the rollout and integration of the Auth0 platform within the existing application landscape of Mediahuis. For this, it relies on a multidisciplinary team consisting of strategic/business and technical profiles.

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Design means business: why levelling up in design maturity will improve your bottom-line

By AE on 28 March 2022

Today, many organisations believe they're design oriented, because they have a lot of design output. However, creating screens and designs today, is easier than ever. Transforming the cost of design into an asset for your organisation, that's a different story. And that's where AE comes in! 

A recent survey by Invision concluded that organisations can be categorised into five levels of design maturity and that levelling up on this scale, is not only beneficiary for designs team, but also for organisations as a whole.

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Adore4customs connects with Stream Software

By AE on 24 February 2022

Adore4customs, our in-house solution applying the power of AI to improve customs handling processes, is teaming up with Stream Software, an industry leader in the software space for customs handling.

According to Stream Software: “Adore4customs is an ideal add-on to our Customs Streamliner®. The AI-algorithms of adore4customs analyze unstructured data and propose a full dataset to complete a declaration.

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Data Quality: The Cradle of Business Efficiency

By Axel Suetens on 22 December 2021

Every year, poor data runs up to an average cost of more than $15 million. This will ultimately increase the complexity of data ecosystems leading to poor decision making. In this blogpost, Axel shares 4 key takeaways to find out if your organization has the proper solution in place to proactively validate the quality of your data.

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Top cloud challenges for mid-size companies

By Vincent Verstraete on 18 August 2021

Every company nowadays has some sort of cloud strategy. For startups, it’s in most cases as straightforward as “just put everything in the cloud”, while most large enterprises have embarked on a major enterprise transformation program, gradually implementing cloud throughout the enterprise.

According to the Flexera State-of-the-Cloud report :

  • 80% is running some business solutions in the cloud, and the other 20% are at least experimenting with cloud.

  • COVID seems to be an additional accelerator in this trend due to the increased demand due to home/remote work, and the launch and increased usage of online services (think online orders).

Taking into account that Belgian companies are often a bit lagging behind in the adoption of IT trends or new technologies, the figures may shift a bit more towards the experimenting phase, but the trend is undeniable : cloud is here, and it’s here to stay.

Topics: Cloud
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