The accelerated digitalization in the construction industry is pushing the Belgian Construction Certification Association (BCCA) to boost its digital transformation and to put customer centricity first. A well-founded business case was built to define a digital strategy and plan.



A focus on customer centricity

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Belgian Construction Certification Association (BCCA) is a non-profit organization that monitors and strengthens the quality and reliability in the construction sector.

Services include Certification, Technical Approval & Review, Quality Frameworks and Stakeholder Consultation. The accelerated digitalization in the construction industry is forcing BCCA to boost its digital transformation too, putting customer centricity first.


A business case for transformation value

By first clarifying the transformation objectives and working out a digital strategy and plan, we developed a well-founded business case. The realization of the business strategy by providing more digital services, was the highest priority.

Secondly, ensuring the efficiency and continuity of a number of existing IT applications were also points of attention. We tackled these challenges by setting up of a digital office and the launching the first phase of the customer portal.


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Next to these challenges, we also focused our attention on building a more digital mindset
within the organization.