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Snowflake on Azure 

A taelk by Koen Verbeeck


AE - Hackaton-15

About the TAELK

The era of cloud data warehousing has finally begun. Gone are the days when you had to provision expensive servers and spend days configuring and tweaking to get the technical details right. Using cloud infrastructure, we can skip past the technical setup and start loading data immediately.

Snowflake is a vendor offering a native cloud data warehouse, hosted on Azure. In this session, we'll introduce you to this new technology and explain the important concepts to get you started. Walking out of this session, you'll have all the knowledge you need to embark a project with Snowflake.

About the speaker


Koen Verbeeck is a data professional working at AE. He helps organizations to get insight in their data and to improve their analytics solutions.

Koen has over a decade of experience in developing data warehouses, models and reports using the Microsoft data platform. Since 2017 Koen is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. 

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Who is it for?

This TAELK is ideally suited for everyone interested in the Snowflake platform (introduction talk).

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