Technical Team Coaching 

A taelk by Jo Van Eyck 


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About the TAELK

In this session, we dive into the amazing world of technical coaching for agile teams. First, we take a look at the wider context of complex systems, organizations and agile teams and how you can view change in that context.

Next, we will go over the meaning of the term “technical coaching”. What does a coach do? How are coaches positioned within an organization? How to pick your next “battle” as a coach? What are common pitfalls? What skills does a coach need to master?

The largest part of the talk will be devoted to practical tips, tricks and tools you can use to lift your team to higher levels with a maximum chance of success.

About the speaker

Jo Van Eyck is an experienced software engineer with a passion for software architecture and system design, full-stack application development, rescuing “legacy code” and software engineering in general.

He likes to both grow himself and nurture others in all things software development. Jo is a team player and thrives in a community of developers that equally love their craft.

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Who is it for?

This TAELK is ideally suited for:

Anyone interested or experienced in the role of dev lead, or technical coach. The talk is structured around the speaker’s experience as a technical coach and anyone who’d like to see things run more smoothly within their team.

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