Software selection for a future-proof and scalable Information & Technology landscape

A taelk by David Van Steenkiste & Laurens Boeckx


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About the TAELK

David Van Steenkiste and Laurens Boeckx will guide you through the steps to take and provide some shortcuts (yes, there are!) when determining your future-proof and scalable Information & Technology landscape.

About the speakers

David Van Steenkiste is an experienced Enterprise Architect with a focus on digital transformation, business architecture and business – ICT alignment. David helps IT organizations in their transformation from traditional IT to a driving force within current digital times.

Laurens Boeckx works at AE as a business analyst and functional analyst, and has worked on a wide array of different projects in different sectors. Besides delivery work at multiple customers, he is also responsible for AE’s supply chain offering.

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Who is it for?

This inspiration session is ideally suited for large and midsize companies looking to re-evaluate their IT-landscape.

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