Quality versus Speed How to overcome the trade-off 

A taelk by Lisa-Marie Van Bel and Joeri Wijns


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About the TAELK

An ever-growing complexity and an ever-growing need for a quick time-to-market poses an important question: how to ensure quality? If we focus on quality, it will take us longer to deliver. Lisa-Marie Van Bel and Joeri Wijns, will explain how to overcome the trade-off between quality and speed.

About the speakers


Lisa-Marie Van Bel is an enthusiastic and hands-on consultant at Quality@Speed/AE, where she helps organizations increase their adaptability to their ever-changing and unpredictable surroundings.

Joeri Wijns began his career in 2001 as an analyst for a consulting company. He acquired the basic skills of model-driven software engineering and worked on many different consultancy assignments.

More than 20 years of experience in the consultancy business (business and ICT side) has given Joeri a wide ‘chameleon’ capability allowing him to suggest and apply corrective actions on strategic projects.


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Who is it for?

This TAELK is ideally suited for IT Leaders.

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