New business models as drivers for digital transformation

A taelk by Dirk Neefs


AE - Hackaton-15

About the TAELK

What opportunities does digital transformation offer? In this lecture, we will explore the impact of digital transformation on your business model with the latest trends and technologies. Examples from the field and the linked business models will be used.

About the speaker

Dirk Neefs is an innovation consultant at AE and has worked in the platform business since the start of his career. In different roles, with a different level of awareness, he has faced the challenges that come with it. After some years of blockchain hype, he is now focusing on the realization of platforms and new business models.

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Who is it for?

This TAELK is ideally suited for:

  • Business development managers

  • Business innovation managers

  • CIOs

  • Business decision makers, and technical decision makers like ICT managers or IT professionals

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