Lessons learned
from an
Agile QA Transformation

A taelk by Kris Laes and Davy Kenis


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About the TAELK

How does an (agile) transformation impact your QA processes, people, and technologies? Kris Laes and Davy Kenis, QA Agile coaches, talk about the different QA approaches (agile vs traditional), their biggest lessons learned so far from QA transformations and key delivery metrics to measure your own.

About the speaker


Kris Laes is a principal consultant at AE and IT manager with broad experience covering various aspects of large IT departments - Digital transformation, DevOps, Agile@scale implementation, agile and lean practices, process management and governance.

Davy Kenis is an experienced consultant specialized in quality assurance and management activities. He is passionate about helping and supporting organizations in delivering products and services by using the most efficient and customer-oriented way.

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Who is it for?

This TAELK is ideally suited for:

  • IT leadership

  • QA managers

  • Engineering managers

  • Agile coaches

Looking to implement change within their organization.

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