Human AI as key enabler to enhance human abilities and empower people

A taelk by Bram Vanschoenwinkel


AE - Hackaton-15

About the TAELK

Human AI is about humans and AI systems collaborating in a way that enhances human abilities and empowers people. Bram will show how he uses Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing to automate repetitive tasks in handling customer service requests and processing complex documents.

About the speakers


Bram Vanschoenwinkel is an AI expert who started his career as a researcher at the Computational Modelling Lab at the University of Brussels and obtained a Ph.D. in Science (Machine Learning, Data Mining in 2006). He currently leads a team of 15 data scientists offering actionable business insights from data.

Bram Vanschoenwinkel AE TAELK

Who is it for?


This TAELK is ideally suited for:

  • COO's

  • Operations managers & operational/administrative team leads

  • Customer care managers and anyone that can benefit from using AI to optimize or automate administration-related processes

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