How not to lose your customers in 3 seconds due to performance issues 

A taelk by Nico Verdonk


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About the TAELK

Are slow or unavailable systems costing you customers, time and money? Our performance test specialist introduces you to ACCELLR.

ACCELLR offers you the possibility to gain insights within days into how your application behaves under high load, with complete unburdening of infrastructure and endless scaling possibilities. Expect our expert to treat you to a live demo!

About the speaker


Nico Verdonk is a solution architect at AE and has accumulated over 15 years of knowledge within the QA domain. His knowledge allows him to support teams on both the technical QA aspect as well as the functional QA aspect.

Nico has helped many organizations in identifying their current QA maturity, defining an improvement roadmap and coaching to implement these improvements.

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Who is it for?

This TAELK is ideally suited for:

  • Software testers

  • Test Engineers

  • Performance Testers /  Performance Engineers 

  • Test Leads 

  • Operational Support Personnel

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