The best-kept secret to enable enterprise UX 

A taelk by Kathleen Demol


AE - Hackaton-15

About the TAELK

Did you know that the lines between consumer UX and enterprise UX are blurring? User expectations for enterprise tools are higher than ever.

We will introduce you to Figma, your next best friend to help build great experiences, manage a product roadmap, foster collaboration, and bring the feedback of your users directly to the eyes and ears of your development team.

About the speaker


Kathleen Demol is a lead UX – CX service designer at AE with a heart for people. She enjoys helping companies build innovative products, teams and cultures and helps teams to implement cross-functional collaboration, building relevant products by marrying product strategy with best of class UX practices, in order to maximize business success.

Kathleen Demol


Who is it for?

This TAELK is ideally suited for anyone interested in UX/UI design and front-end engineering.

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