Enabling your development teams using cloud-native principles

A taelk by Jeroen Haegebaert & Thomas Petit


AE - Hackaton-15

About the TAELK

How can you cope with the increasing rate of change required to keep your business running? To fully benefit from the cloud-native promise, one must go beyond the tools and cover the required capabilities underneath. Jeroen and Thomas discuss their experiences building developer-centric, cloud-native platforms. 

About the speakers

Jeroen Haegebaert has more than 20 years of experience in a broad range of technology subjects, such as application development, Cloud strategy, IT roadmapping, enterprise architecture, a.o. 

Thomas Petit is an experienced worker with a technical background who has gained technical experience in the object-oriented programming domain throughout several key projects.

He has built up a strong experience in the end-to-end software development in which he has worked in different key roles as analyst, lead developer, architect and release manager.


Jeroen Haegebaert & Thomas Petit


Who is it for?

This inspiration session is ideally suited for anyone interested in Cloud strategy, Cloud Native development, DevOps & platform teams. Software architects, developers & engineers. 

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