Anno 2023

A taelk by Dick Bevernage, Davy Kenis &
Thomas Petit


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About the TAELK

Devops has been a buzz word in the last few years. A lot has changed over the years in matter of technology, people and processes. How does DevOps looks like anno 2022? In this talk we will take you on our journey how DevOps changed over the past years, how it influenced the industry and which lessons learned we can take so far.

We will touch upon certain models and principles such as CAMS, BVSSH, DORA, … together with some industry examples how DevOps was implemented and helped the industry move forward.

About the speaker


Dick Bevernage is a senior technical consultant with a strong focus on DevOps.  In the past, he has taken up several roles such as senior .NET developer, lead developer and .NET technical architect. He has a broad technical knowledge and is passionate about team dynamics. 

Davy Kenis is an experienced consultant specialized in quality assurance and management activities. He is passionate about helping and supporting organizations in delivering products and services by using the most efficient and customer-oriented way. 

Thomas Petit is an experienced worker with a technical background who has gained technical experience in the object-oriented programming domain throughout several key projects.

He has built up a strong experience in the end-to-end software development in which he has worked in different key roles as analyst, lead developer, architect and release manager.

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Who is it for?

This TAELK is ideally suited for:

  • IT managers

  • IT professionals wondering about DevOps

  • Experienced DevOps practitioners

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