AI as an accelerator 

A taelk by Martijn Millecamp and Jan Moons


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About the TAELK

Under this motto, Martijn and Jan take you on an exploration of how AI can help in building good software. Whether you are a UX designer, UI designer, analyst, or developer, integrating AI into their workflow can streamline processes, generate valuable insights, and ultimately lead to better user experiences. In this presentation, they will illustrate how they have already integrated AI into their way of working, hoping to inspire you to improve your own lives as well. So come along and discover how POP-AI-e can help elevate your work to a higher level!

Understanding who your customers are and how they behave when using your product or service is crucial. By utilizing artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, you can now quickly and easily create assumed personas and customer journeys, which you can use to validate your design with real users. With AI as a powerful tool in their arsenal, they can gain an advantage in identifying key target audiences, needs, and pain points, and use this knowledge to enhance the user experience. Join their talk to learn how AI can accelerate and enrich your UX design process while delivering better results for your clients.

About the speakers


Martijn is a passionate UX designer. He graduated as an engineer in the computer science and obtained a PhD in human-computer interaction in which he investigated the tailoring of visualization of explanations in recommender systems to different personal characteristics. During this PhD, he discovered his love for UX-design and especially the usability of Human - AI interactions. After his PhD, he started as a UX designer at AE and since 2022 he is helping Sofico to building accessible and usable software in the automotive industry. 

In his spare time, Martijn likes to pass his time doing sports and in particular playing volleyball. When he is not doing sport, you will most likely find him in a sofa reading a book or watching a movie.

Jan is a User Experience Expert, specializing in integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the design and development of software solutions. With a strong background in computer science and a deep understanding of human-centered design principles, Jan brings a unique perspective to his role.

He is passionate about harnessing the power of AI to streamline processes, generate valuable insights, and ultimately deliver exceptional user experiences. Jan's inspiring approach aims to empower others to leverage AI and elevate their work to new heights. 

When he's not shaping remarkable user experiences, Jan dedicates his time to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in AI and exploring novel ways to further improve the field.


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Who is it for?

Everyone that is interested to accelerate their work

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