Storybook: Design Systems for developers

A taelk by Sophie Traen


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About the TAELK

You may have heard of a Design System: a set of shared UI elements – colors, icons, and components – that you can use in different applications. This way you only have to build those elements once. Moreover, you are guaranteed a consistent look and feel across all products. Awesome!

But how do you make sure your Design System is effectively being used in different teams? How do you keep it alive and stimulate developers to contribute to it? How do you make sure your Design System is well-documented and stays that way?

About the speaker

Sophie Traen is a software engineer with a passion for front end engineering. Sophie focuses on creating products that offer a delightful experience to their users.

She transforms great designs into real life digital products. Specializing in front end engineering for many years, she has become an expert in web and mobile technologies.

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Who is it for?

This TAELK is ideally suited for:

Techies with an interest in front end engineering.


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