Just enough architecture in an agile transformation

Why featuritis kills good experiences!

Geospatial Analytics: the importance of WHERE

Usability testing: the way to go!

Key takeaways from the ABISS (Smart Manufacturing/ Industry 4.0)

Recap: The European Business Architecture Innovation Summit 2017

Hackathon recap: How technology could change deaf peoples lives

The Clash of Information Models

Power BI and Visio: What If they are better together?

Integration Services: To Log or not to Log?

4 Personal Thoughts to Help You Create Value in the Digital Age

The Importance of the Business Analyst in Data Migration Projects

Why is it so hard to implement IoT on an enterprise scale? 3 Capabilities for success

Bringr: from 0 to the launch of a new business line in 6 months

Big Data: We're Not There Yet - Part II

How to create good data visualizations to make correct data-driven decisions

Good API design implies a good understanding of who your API consumers are

Big Data: We're Not There Yet - Part I

API Management: Unlock Your Digital Services

3 Challenges TSOs are facing in an ever competitive gas market

Lego Serious Play: Not Just Child’s Play

Stop Investing in QA

Imagineering the Opportunities of IoT

The API Billionaires Club is about to welcome Trillionaire members. But how should you deal with it?

Soft Skills: The Art of Persuasion

COTS: How to avoid a hangover

Innovation in data governance: ETL visualization using graph databases

Transformation Ahead for the Successful Energy Providers of the Future

New rules fit for a digital era: What to expect from the New EU Data Protection Regulation

4 Great Techniques to Accelerate Your Brainstorm Sessions

Why the time is right for an IOT-centric approach

Optimizing how to realize your business strategy: it all starts at C-level

Integrating applications: Bridge the gap with a functional specification

Story mapping: this handy overview will help you get started

Why Your Minimum Product Needs to Be Lovable, Not Just Viable

Story Mapping an Innovation Lab

People Analytics: Because HR is a numbers game, too!

Top Tools for User Story Mapping: From Post-Its to the Best Digital Apps

How to calibrate your user stories for optimal business service design

4 Focus Points for Preparing a User Story Mapping Workshop

Ingesting data with Spark using a custom Hadoop FileInputFormat

Power to the teams: How being decentrally organized helps our people grow

4 Challenges you’ll encounter on the road to personalization

Personalization: a piece of cake?

Organize for effective personalization

Service Design: You’re doing it wrong

QA as the perfect enabler to shorten your project’s time to market

AE Codecamps: Providing a Spark for the Edisons of Tomorrow

How finance organizations can benefit from an innovative technology like Blockchain

Digital transformation: From application thinking to platform thinking

How Analytics can help you uncover the knowledge hidden in your documents

3 Valuable Business Analysis deliverables that lead to project success

Why every project needs a benefit map

What will 2016 mean for your company, business model and your customers?

Comparing Angular, Aurelia and React: Is there a next-gen JS framework that rules them all?

Value Driven Transformation in Belgian Utilities: The entire value chain put to the test

Implementing MIG6.0 for Energy Suppliers: Just a compliance project?

Bridging the gap between strategy and execution with Value Driven Transformation

Customer Experience wrap-up

Which Customers Will Be Leaving Me? (And How To Do Something About It).

Who is my customer and why should I care?

Customer Insight at the Heart of Your Company

Modern Enterprise architecture - change your focus!

Digital transformation – organizations become living systems

Front End Engineering wrap-up

The Digital Era: Focus on CX or perish

StarBooks: the distributed library concept - part 2

StarBooks: the distributed library concept - part 1

Using Talend and MongoDB to process and store tweets in a lossless form

Are Spiders Crawling Your SPA?

Microservices, what's in a name?

Bring your stakeholders together for a story mapping workshop

4 Tips for writing business user stories

5 Questions on Information Management (AE Foyer 2015)

Operational Intelligence: Splunk vs ELK

Client Side Architecture Part Three: Your Turn!

Client Side Architecture Part Two: A Practical Example

Client side architecture part one: The web is Lego.

Ionic. A hybrid mobile app framework.

Customer Experience exclusively for utilities suppliers?

Five Questions on Front-End Engineering with Glenn Dejaeger

Customization strategy. Stick to the plan

To boldly go further than changes in IT

What is a project if not an epic journey

Yeah sure. How exactly are we going to do this again?

Search for value through simplification

The best is yet to come; this is a mere introduction

Every journey has a purpose

The Big Rewrite

Combining the power of R and D3.js

5 Questions on Get Digital (AE Foyer 2015)

But do you love it?

Why not add some 'WHY' to your decision documents?

5 Questions about the challenges in the energy sector

The AE Blog: Looking back and looking forward

Offline first: as simple as unplug & play?

7 Deadly Sins for the CEO

Does your customer care about his journey and your touch points?

The Hackathon: Intrapreneurship's Dry Run

Design smartphone first!

AE Hackathon: Meet the ideas

The beer coaster analysis

New Customer Experience Insights: Go dining!

Why a hackathon is not a game

Journeys and touch points: two sides of the same coin

ng-europe 2014: interesting evolutions in the AngularJs world

Customer journeys as a strategy guide

Fronteers 2014 Takeaways

Make Your Workshop Live

Why people don’t buy your product online

Integration : Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

ALM benefits

ALM - How to increase maturity in software delivery?

ALM - From business idea to working software

10 ways to make Scrum fail

Why is your documentation getting out of date?

Relationsh​ips, the essence of Outside-In Thinking

Why Everbody is Talking Analytics but Nobody is Doing it?

Google says your site is naughty

No need to fear Cloud Computing?

From server virtualization to hybrid cloud

The Product vs Project dimension

Customer Centricity – What about Technology?

Customer Centricity - Turning your business model around

EACBPM 2014 - Some conference themes

From Organisation to Customer Centric

Techorama 2014 takeaways

How to use Composite Indexes

Some take aways from the 23rd BAEA Café with Chris Potts

Business Cases: getting money or creating value?

Identify the stakeholders of your analysis

Please stop writing 200 page documents

EA on its own delivers no value

Requirements are dead

Take an Outside-in Perspective

Are user stories and use cases at war?

Business requirement or atomic requirement?

The Road to Continuous Delivery

Simplicity and change

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