Why would someone still want to be named Young ICT lady of the year?

By Valerie Taerwe on 08 March 2021

On February 4th, Data News proudly announced the Young ICT Lady of the year 2021 during the yearly She Goes ICT event. I’m one of those people who eagerly look out to this event. Yet every year the question “Do we really need such award” sounds louder. The question resonates especially when talking about women in tech as well as in the broader debate about diversity. Weekend Knack even finds it necessary today to devote their homepage to the topic: they selected 110 women to promote the legitimacy of International Women’s Day. In other words: all of the candidates for the title of  “Young ICT Lady of the Year” are activists in a battle that has been fought in many heads, where the reality shows there’s still a long way to go

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Whitepaper: why all companies should engage in the platform economy and how they can start doing so

By AE on 15 February 2021

Platform companies are taking over the economy and are rapidly transforming the world we’re doing business in. While everybody is familiar with the big five technology giants and well-known disruptive companies like Airbnb and Uber, the underlying mechanisms that have been the breeding ground for these businesses is not yet common knowledge. Yet the trend is irreversible and game-changing platforms are expected to emerge across the entire spectrum of the economy at a fast pace.

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How to transform your supply chain into a strategic asset

By Laurens Boeckx on 04 January 2021

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and digital disruption is to blame – or should we say thank? Indeed, companies eager to come out on top in their increasingly competitive industries are embracing the opportunities of digital supply chain transformation with open arms. So, what about you? Are you ready to transform your supply chain to maximize your company’s competitive advantage? Let’s do this!

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Partena Professional and AE have set the bar high for a flexible pay policy with Payabl'

By ae.admin on 02 December 2020

Personalisation and flexibility: two code words for companies that want to grow sustainably within the framework of their pay policy. Partena Professional helps these companies by responding to trends and offering innovative services. This is how Payabl' was created: as the result of a productive collaboration between Partena Professional and AE.

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ACCELLR @ Awaere

By Lisa-Marie Van Bel on 09 October 2020

About Awaere 

March 2020 marks the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis in Belgium. At a moment’s notice, teleworking became the norm. However, many questions came with it. How do I organize my time? How do I collaborate? And how do I interact socially? How do I organize myself?  

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