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In a world where Blockchain and Distributed ledger technologies enable true ecosystems, full decentralization and real value networks,

We want to help organizations optimally exploit the potential that these revolutionary technologies enable by providing the right mix of business knowledge, technology expertise and End to End holistic innovation approach.

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We organize customized awareness sessions, facilitate workshops, co-think about future proof strategies and business models (blockchain consortia, decentralized autonomous organizations, …) and assist you in your journey towards it.

We believe that to truly innovate with blockchain a good understanding of the principles and possibilities of blockchain in a combination with a thorough business knowledge are key. Therefore, all sessions and guidance are given and facilitated by a (mix) of consultants who and have experience/knowledge in your industry and are experts in blockchain technology.

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At AE we stand for fast value delivery and for learning fast. Trying to understand the value of blockchain, developing strategies and new business models around it without getting your hands dirty as fast as possible is not enough. AE helps you do exactlythat and much more.

At AE we offer you an E2E innovation approach from finding the right blockchain use case, to buildingyour first proof of concept(s), putting your first solution in production, integrating it with the rest of your organization ifnecessary and finally totransforming your whole organization.

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It is only when blockchain can be put in perspective and blockchain expertise is combined with a broader view on and knowledge of architecture and other technologies that you can implement sustainable solutions. To do that well thought technological and architectural decisions are necessary, for which having purely and only blockchain expertise is not enough.

By combining our core competences in architecture, technology and integration with our blockchain expertise we are ready to help you assess the various blockchain technologies out there against your business case and project, define how blockchain might impact your current IT organization, set up a future proof architecture and tackle any integration issues that might occur.

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Our Experience

Blockchain is a relatively new trend in todays market. Yet, when you start a co-creation project with us, we don't have to start form scratch: Discover our innovative Blockchain blueprints from our last Hackathon here: 

dag2_AE_Hackathon_2017 (30).jpg

MyMe - Total ownership, full control

The MyMe team experimented with blockchain to tackle the privacy issues that come along with using technology and which will become more persistent with the increase of the data we share and new technological developments like IoT. The project was also inspired by GDPR, the new European privacy regulation. Read more

dag2_AE_Hackathon_2017 (46).jpg


ConChainer leverages blockchain to establish trust between retailers, enabling them to group their international orders in one shipment container, significantly lowering shipment costs and leading to more containers being sold. Win-win for everyone! Read more


Lars - Simply transparent, deeply traceable

Lars is a PoC application we have built to trace food and other products from their origination to its end of life. The solution offers total transparency to the process and the various parties involved in all steps of the end to end process. Moreover, it offers full traceability of what processing and activities took place at which moment in time and by which party. Read more

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