The energy sector has to make numerous investments to continue to thrive. There’s the need for more domestic renewable energy sources, the expansion and decentralisation of transmission networks to think of, as well as the continuous development of new equipment and technologies. Moreover, successful energy transition is impossible without an extensive supporting legal framework that is regularly evaluated and optimised.


Energy players become energy partners

Today, utility companies are moving beyond their traditional roles as energy producers, distributors and suppliers. Acting as the go-to point of contact for customers, they assist them in their energy and resource management. Evidently, meeting the customers’ high expectations is no mean feat. Energy companies must broaden and adjust both their offer and the way in which they operate.

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How can AE Utilities help?

Business Transformation Services

To be able to fulfil a comprehensive and strategic role within the energy sector, utilities must engage with a strategic partner who is able to review and adjust their business models as needed. AE specialises in business transformation within the energy sector. We help utilities develop in terms of innovations, digitisation and technical competencies.

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Analytics & Information Management

In a rapidly changing energy ecosystem, energy players need to know their customers’ needs and expectations inside out. AE provides utility companies with improved insights into their customer data thanks to master data management, enabling them to offer their end customers personalised energy solutions based on a unique and analytical approach.

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