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During these exceptional times, keeping your business operational is a big challenge. Here’s how AE can help your organization, today and tomorrow.

AE Ensuring Business Continuity

Keep Going. That's What Matters.

As COVID-19 takes the world by storm, it is putting existing patterns to the test across the board, even bringing specific industries almost to a complete standstill. We can help your organization weather that storm, because remaining operational and continuing to deliver your products and services is what matters.

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Over 320 AE experts are ready to help you face your challenges by putting over 20 years of expertise at your service. Knowledge sharing and co-creation are at the heart at what we do. Our true and tested methods, processes and best practices will help you act now and act swiftly. Because there’s no time to waste.

AE Stories to inspire you

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6 Virtual Training Takeaways

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Natural Language Processing to explore Covid-19 literature

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Upskill your co-workers with an adapted Covid-19 learning approach

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AE's take on corona? Focus on the now, but keep looking forward together

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A Corona crisis plan to ensure business continuity? United we stand!

As the Corona crisis continues to spread, it is clear that no organization will be left unharmed. Ensuring business...

Let’s discuss where we can help you ensure your business continuity.

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AE uses their broad knowledge of the challenges of today and tomorrow in our sector to exchange ideas with us, advise us and make suggestions for improvement. That's real added value.
Albin Vico
ICT Program Manager @ Fluxys
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Part of what makes AE so special is their unique culture of constantly striving to improve themselves. They’re a flexible partner who’s willing to move mountains to help us succeed.
Gerhard Steinrücken
R&D Director @ SESVanderHave
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AE brings us ideas that offer our teams new opportunities. From our side, we ask AE challenging questions, which requires them to think out-of-the-box. It works very stimulating.
Renaat Sohl
Manager Processes & Technology @ E-LLIS