Customer Experience wrap-up

11 September 2015

The weekend is great for catching up on some reading backlog. Missed a blog post? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you out. Customer experience is an essential part in creating and operating a successful business or offering. Whether you’re providing services to external clients or support colleagues in other business units, a customer-centric approach helps you provide true value.

Our business consultants have been busy helping their clients get in touch with their customers and really, really get to know them through customer journey mapping, identifying touchpoints and using a data-driven approach to customer segmentation.

Want to know what your customers are up to and how you can provide optimal value?

Getting started

Read up on customer experience in the digital age with Kenny Follet. What has changed now customers have more power than ever and you have to vie for their attention in a highly competitive market place?

Five Questions on Digital
Companies will have to reinvent themselves in order to fully understand and serve their customers, employees and partners. Time to get started on building amazing experiences, aided by digital tools.

Want to put theory into practice? Filip Hendrickx wrote a great three-part series on how you can apply the customer journey methodology to help your business make the right strategic investments.

Process models

Customer Journeys as a strategy guide
Customer journeys at the highest level describe how customers interact with your organisation and other organisations, using multiple products and services, to fulfill their needs.

It’s personal

An experience is not just about providing shiny things and happy flows. It is as much about handling negative factors – even when you don’t have control over them. Tom Devos shared a great personal customer experience story. Have your own story? Don’t hesitate to share it with us!


New Customer Experience Insights: Go Dining!
The experience of two restaurant visits from last month stuck with me. In the first one jackhammers were constantly interrupting our conversation because they were rebuilding the place. In the second one, I was sitting on a terrace, in a beautiful late-summer sun.


Want to know more?

In September we’ll provide the two-day training Analytics for Marketeers. Don’t hesitate to join us if you want some hands-on experience with accessible technologies to get to know your customers and adapt your company’s strategy accordingly. You can find more information on our digital and analytics approach here.


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