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ADOREadore whitePowered document handling


Structure your unstructured files and reduce human interventions


Many companies use a large set of unstructured files, scans, documents as input for their digital platforms. Structuring this data is boring, labor intensive, error sensitive and above all not scalable. At AE we have the knowledge and expertise to transform the unstructured data and integrate it into your existing architecture.


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Tackle your document challenges

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Unstructured data

You have a large set of documents from various sources and vendors, such as digital scans, pdf’s, excel-files.

Human intervention

Human intervention

Your employees spend hours processing the documents and manually typing them into the company platform.


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Scale issues

You want to reduce the human intervention and process more documents in the same amount of time.

ADORE powered document digitization

State-of-the-art Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision models translate the unstructured data to structured formats.

This way, document handling drastically reduces repetitive work and reduces manual errors.
Furthermore, structured digital documents can be easily stored, searched and archived.


We can read different document file types, determine the document type and identify the different information elements in the document to extract and store them in a structured way. Our technology supports different languages and can be configured to extract specific information elements and perform different types of validations.Awaere Animation - Invoice

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Outside-In Approach

Multilingual support

We allow multilingual document types and are not afraid off any document type

Minimizing Risk

Custom data validation

Human verification can be easily appended to the automated handling and this ensures a large time reduction in combination with a verified answer.

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Easy Integration

Our solution allows easy integration into the existing company architecture through robust and extensive API's.

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