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Accelerate your customer care response time up to 80%


Increase the ROI of your Customer Care Service by implementing our AI powered customer care agent. With ADORE your team is up and running in no time, providing an enhanced customer experience with Natural Language Processing.

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Tackle your customer care challenges


Every Minute Counts

Your support cost is going through the roof because a significant amount of time is repeatedly spent on searching the right information and answering your valuable customers.


Scale of Service Requests

Your average response time is rising because the scale on which you answer questions hurts as you receive up to hundreds or even thousands questions per week from your customers.


Complexity Rises

Your first contact resolution comes under pressure as your agents may encounter thousands of different types of questions, and this complexity only increases when you add new services or products.


ADORE uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing models to identify the issues from incoming mails and service requests to suggest the best possible solutions based on your historical data. This way, ADORE takes a serious shortcut and drastically reduces repetitive work for your customer service agents, even up to 80%.

What can we do for you?



Automated assignment of questions to teams/agents to increase speed and reduce error of your customer care service.



Prioritization of issues based on the content and your business rules.

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic Routing

Questions are automatically routed to the right team members based on their content.

Smart Suggestions

Smart Suggestions

Suggest the most likely issue types and solution templates based on email content and customer information.

Process Optimization

Process Optimization

Improve your overall process to limit average response time without reducing your customer satisfaction score.

Eliminate Waste

Eliminate Waste

Eliminate the amount of time agents spend identifying issues and decrease the time it takes to find the information needed to resolve issues.


To facilitate the best end-to-end experience possible for users, ADORE is committed to making customer support easier and more accessible. Working toward this goal, ADORE integrates with multiple customer support platforms and empowers your customer agents with the power of Natural Language Processing.

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State of the art AI

State-of-the-art AI

Using state-of-the-art AI models, we are capable of analyzing new questions instantly with high accuracy.

Fast Integration

Fast Integration

We link your customer care platform and integrate any other application with ADORE through robust and extensive APIs.

Analytics & Reporting

Tailored Insights

We deriving actionable insights from your enhanced service request information to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

What's not to ADORE?

Our customer support agents are being assisted by AI-powered email classification. This allows them to focus on providing the best customer service possible to our customers instead of spending time on manually prioritizing incoming emails. AE's expertise in this domain was key in the successful development and integration of the solution in our SalesForce CRM.
Nicolas Vandamme
Head of BI & AI Lampiris
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