AE helps organizations in designing and creating new business models, services and products in an increasingly digital world. We do this using an integrated approach based on excellent market knowledge, technological expertise and innovative techniques.

Together we’ll capture the needs and wishes of your customers, design and create the right solutions and make sure that your company is ready for a digital world.

How can we help?

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We help you discover new and innovative business models, services & products through tailor-made workshops, 36h hackathons and week-long co-creation initiatives together with your business and ICT-teams.

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Analytics & Data Science

Make sense of the heaps of data you already have. Our data scientists help you identify bottle-necks through process mining or create decision-supporting and predictive insights for mission-critical activities in your business.

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CX Platforms

Put your outside-in strategy into action. Our experience in integrating and implementing customer experience platforms like Sitecore, Backbase or AEM helps your business goals really connect with your customer needs.

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Digital & CX

The world becomes more digital every day. What about your business? Our digital and customer experience consultants help your business transform to enable sustainable growth, true value creation and customer centricity in an increasingly complex and competitive landscape.

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Information Management

With increasing amounts of data from your customers, smart devices  and more comes the need for a methodological approach to store, manage and integrate this information in your business context. Our IM experts can help your organisation create a shared and durable information foundation.

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Today a lot of people, departments, systems and services have to work together to give customers one great experience. Our SOA, Integration Architecture and API Management solution helps you create an enterprise integration platform that makes all your people and services work together seamlessly.

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Internet of Things

Smart devices are here. Whether you're wearing them on your wrist or driving in one; connected devices already change the way consumers behave and businesses work. Our IoT consultants help you unlock their full potential and create new business opportunities along the way.

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The energy market in Belgium is about to change dramatically with Atrias, a federal clearing house, and the introduction of a new market communication standard (MIG6.0). These will bring new concepts and challenges for every market party. Our utilities experts are helping energy providers transform.

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Value Driven Transformation

Value Driven Transformation helps you bridge the gap between your business strategy defined on C-level and its execution on operational levels. It also helps to look at ‘value’ from different perspectives and to seize new opportunities. Some are present in your company, but were never detected until now.

AE consultants keep their feet on the ground, use common sense and a pragmatic approach to come to elegant solutions. That makes all the difference when confronting the complex challenges at Argenta.

Steven Jansen ICT Domain Manager at Argenta

Our delivery has become significantly faster by virtue of AE’s comprehensive view on the various challenges in Steinhoff's business processes and underlying systems.

Renaat Sohl Manager Processes & Tools at Steinhoff

Let's talk.

AE - architects for Business and ICT is a business and IT consultancy company specialising in digital transformation. Our solutions in customer experience, data science & analytics and comprehensive ICT architecture allow your organisation to realise its business objectives in an increasingly complex world.

We realise that a strong focus on customers, people, processes and technologies calls for new analysis, design and implementation methods.

We build on what exists today with an eye to future opportunities and provide both practical advice and pragmatic solutions that guarantee successful change.