Boost your architecture skills

A learning journey for solution architects

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  • Oct 2023 - June 2024


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About the journey

The demand for solution architects has been steadily on the rise in the last few years.

Learning resources are abundantly available for solution architects, but it's hard to see the forest through the trees and to build and maintain their knowledge. They may be the only architect within the IT department or are part of a very small expert group.

As a result knowledge sharing is difficult, they don’t feel challenged in their day-to-day work and they are not exposed to new insights in their domain. 

AE’s Boost your architecture skills aims support those who are or those who strive to become solution architects through a combination of Training, Workshops, Hybrid Learning, Community and Coaching, divided into 9 learning modules.


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The learning journey 


Personal intake

Objectification of my learning needs based on a personal intake resulting in my personal Learning Plan


(6 - 9 months)

A learning journey with different learning forms supports me in building op the competences required to succeed as a solution architect



Did I achieve my personal goals and become a real solution architect?
What are my next steps?


(6 months)

Continued access to learning resource and network

Topics in your learning journey



Understand why and when organizations need architects, and how different types of architects interact with each other.

Architecture framework

Architecture framework

Go through the different phases of the delivery process and learn how you can use different models and viewpoints.



Learn how the different types of requirements (business, functional, non-functional, and constraints) are derived, managed and documented

Data lab

Domain driven design

Get the basic concepts of DDD, learn how to identify business domains and master techniques to help design your applications and architecture.

Distributed data

Distributed Architecture

Discover techniques to decompose your application landscape and to expose your data in a consistent integrated way.

Architectural styles

Architectural styles & patterns

See a wide array of styles and patterns, ranging from front-end to back-end to security and infrastructure, to provide you with extra tools in your architect toolbox.

Software craft-1

Software craft

Gain insight into what we mean by software design, important design concepts and patterns, and modern thinking on software design.


Architecture Labs

Hone your architecture skills along with your peers in two full-day hands-on workshops

People skills

People Skills

Find out how stakeholder management, coaching and change leadership can make a difference as an architect


Why did they decide to boost their architecture skills?

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Who is it for?


This learning journey is ideally suited for you if:

  • You fulfill a role as a solution architect within your company or if this is what your IT manager expects from you

  • It is a challenge for you to build the needed knowledge and expertise

  • If you are looking for like-minded people to tune in with

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What does the program look like?

This program is a combination of courses, workshops and self-learning. You will frequently interact with both your personal coach as well as your peers to enable you to learn from each other and to exchange ideas.

In between learning modules, you are encouraged and supported to put into practice what your have learned, with your personal coach as a sounding board. This combination of interaction and practice trains both your hard skills as well as your social skills.

  • Open bootcamp limited to 12 students

  • Spread in time to make the combination work/study/practice feasible

  • Experienced trainers and coaches

What’s in it for you and your organization?

After completing this program successfully, you are able to:

  • Design and implement better designed software applications and platforms.

  • Experience less friction when interacting with different stakeholders such as managers and development teams.

  • Access a network of peers and experts that will come in useful in future architectural challenges and your own career path.


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This learning journey offers me the knowledge, hard and soft skills needed to face every challenge a solution architect can be confronted with.
Wouter Steurs-1
Wouter Steurs
BYAS has boosted my confidence and has given me the tools to take my first steps as a solution architect.
Silke Verhaeghe-1
Silke Verhaeghe


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