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Today’s exponential technological evolution offers great opportunities for innovation. At the same time, enterprises face major organisational and human challenges. As workers’ adaptability evolves at a linear rather than an exponential pace, there is an undeniable skill gap that continues to increase by the day. The need to offer employees better support is clear, as learning pathways and knowledge sharing are now essential considerations when setting up teams and broader organizational structures.

At AE, we help our clients identify and meet their organization’s unique Learning & Talent Development needs.


Boost your architecture skills 

Training and coaching

Training & Coaching

AE offers an extensive portfolio of training programs, tailored to your organization by experienced teachers. After the training, we will continue to support you and your employees to implement the lessons learned.


Re- & Upskilling

Re- & U

Is your organization struggling to fill certain roles or suffering from a lack of skills? Based on a skill gap analysis, we work together with your team to establish a learning program that will help individual employees develop the necessary competencies in a creative and personalized fashion.

Towards a learning organisation

Towards a learning organisation

Curious where your business stands today in terms of learning – on individual and team levels as well as organizationally? We carry out a thorough analysis and draw up a plan of action accordingly, ultimately assisting you in implementing the plan in an iterative and incremental manner.


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